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General concepts & principles of indoor air quality. Research studies. Common indoor pollutants, sick building syndrome, etc. Indoor radon prevention. Fact sheets. Office occupant's guide to IAQ. Ozone generators. Building air quality guide. Guidelines on how to conduct an indoor air quality investigation and report. Common plants reducing indoor air pollution. Legionnaires' disease.

59 Resources
A Guide to Indoor Air Quality [2424] ?

EPA guide on indoor air quality issues and on common indoor air pollutants

Air Pollution and Respiratory Health [72] ?

Environmental-related respiratory illnesses, indoor and outdoor air pollution

Air Pollution and School Activities [pdf] [25810] ?

Public Health Recommendations for Schools on Fine Particle Air Pollution

Asthma & Indoor Air [16268] ?

How the indoor air environment contributes to the asthma problem

Asthma and Indoor Environments [14164] ?

Fact sheets, common asthma triggers, information resources

Building Air Quality Action Plan [10362] ?

Large building IAQ management practices guidance

Building Air Quality Action Plan [6232] ?

A guide for building owners and facility managers

Building Air Quality Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managers [2425] ?

Guidance on indoor air quality in large buildings

Building Air Quality: A Guide for Building Owners & Facility Managers [605] ?

Full text of the a guide on indoor air quality designed for property management professionals

CA-California Indoor Air Quality Program [16852] ?

State requirements

CA-California Indoor Air Quality Program [16856] ?

Prevention, and control of indoor pollution in California

CA-California OSHA Indoor Air Quality [5611] ?

Outlines the inspection procedures used by Cal/OSHA

Canada: Indoor Air Quality [17034] ?

Technical guidance related to indoor air quality

Carbon Monoxide from Ovens: A Serious IAQ Problem [pdf] [26371] ?

Recommended Oven CO Test Protocol

Carbon Monoxide Hazard Protection [20389] ?

Hazards, causes and precautions necessary

Carbon Monoxide Information [20073] ?

Homeowner advice regarding the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning

Updated Carpet & Rug Indoor Air Quality [13886] ?

Factors that affect indoor air quality

Facts About Mold [16853] ?

Addresses some of the most common questions and concerns regarding mold

Facts About Mold and Dampness [5999] ?

Recommendations for controlling indoor mold exposure

Floods and HVAC Systems [8730] ?

Recommendations for the Cleaning and Remediation of Flood-Contaminated HVAC Systems

Fragranced Consumer Products [pdf] [6476] ?

Chemicals emitted, ingredients unlisted

Greenguard Registry of Healthy Indoor Materials [9689] ?

Database of products shown to be low emitters of pollutants

Guides for Evaluating Indoor Air Quality [25049] ?

Building ventilation assessment, walk through survey and complaint survey forms

Healthcare Facility Indoor Air Quality [pdf] [25633] ?

Sources of risk in healthcare construction

HEPA-Filtered Vacuums [26512] ?

Why you should use HEPA-filtered industrial vacuums to remove dust in manufacturing and production areas

Home Indoor Air Hazards [24161] ?

What every homeowner should know

IAQ Checklist [pdf] [13426] ?

To be used when evaluating indoor air quality

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings [36871] ?

This online training module addresses the sources of poor air quality in commercial buildings

Indoor Air Can Cause Health Problems [8700] ?

Answers to common questions related to IAQ

Updated Indoor Air Qualilty Bioaerosols [pdf] [6637] ?

The causes and control of IAQ issues related to bioaerosols

Indoor Air Quality [2051] ?

Consumer Product Safety Commission information on indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools [6468] ?

What is an effective IAQ Management Plan?

Indoor Air Quality Assessment & Building Air Quality Guides [8890] ?

Several resources regarding indoor air quality and the investigation of IAQ concerns

Indoor Air Quality Breathing Zone Filtration Systems (BZF) [53] ?

Field experiment results using BZF

Indoor Air Quality Checklists [27869] ?

To be used during field investigations

Indoor Air Quality Consultant Guidelines [26899] ?

Guidelines for selecting an IAQ specialist

Indoor Air Quality Fact Sheet [3134] ?

Fact sheet provides an overview of indoor air quality in non-industrial environments

Indoor Air Quality Investigation [31775] ?

General strategy principles when trying to solve IAQ problems

Indoor Air Quality Publications [2427] ?

EPA publications on indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality Questionnaire [pdf] [35844] ?

To be given to employees and tenants

Indoor Air Quality Research Studies - Sick Building Syndrome [943] ?

Cornell University shares the results of research projects on indoor air quality

Indoor Environmental Quality [12951] ?

NIOSH studies and recommendations

Indoor Plants Reduce VOCs [27295] ?

Indoor air is likely to be five and seven times more polluted than outdoor air

Legionella Control [27370] ?

The control and management of waterborne pathogenic micro-organisms

Legionnaires Disease eTool [22973] ?

Designed to assist industrial hygienists in the assessment of worksites for potential Legionnaires' disease

Microbiological Contamination [14606] ?

Certain conditions contribute to microbial contamination in an indoor environment

MN-Minnesota Guidelines for Managing Indoor Air Quality [8547] ?

State guidelines for conducting an indoor air quality investigation

Mold Guidance for Tenants and Landlords [17406] ?

Not applicable to hot and humid climates

Updated Mold Prevention and Remediation Policy [pdf] [1946] ?

Steps to prevent and/or remediate mold growth in order to protect the health of building occupants

Molds & Environmental Hazards [13655] ?

Facts about molds in the indoor environment with recommendations to control them

Updated NJ-New Jersey PEOSH Indoor Air Quality Standard [6643] ?

Outlines the program requirements for public employers in the state of New Jersey

OSHA Technical Resources: Indoor Air Quality [5586] ?

Technical resources from OSHA related to indoor air quality

Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? [10447] ?

Information from the EPA on air duct cleaning

Sick Building Syndrome [10247] ?

The basics of sick building syndrome explained to consumers

State of Washington - Indoor Air Quality [6472] ?

DOSH requirements associated with IAQ

Switch from Solvent-Based Coatings [26515] ?

Convert to ultra low VOC waterborne or powder coatings instead of using solvent-based paint

The Metaphysics of Indoor Air Quality [5418] ?

Discusses the theory and stages of an IAQ episode

Updated TX-Texas Indoor Air Quality Guidelines [13376] ?

Recommendations for Implementing an IAQ Program

Updated Ultrafine Particles (UFPs) Health Effects [12162] ?

Understanding the Health Effects of Ambient Ultrafine Particles

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Environment / Radon
Resources related to environmental and indoor radon, low level radiation

Industrial Hygiene / Fibers
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Industrial Hygiene / Molds
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