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Electromagnetic field radiation hazards (EMF). Cellular phones. Power lines. VDTs. EMF measurements database. Swedish EMF standards. Fact sheets on electric and magnetic fields in the workplace.

16 Resources
Cellular Phones and Human Health [2439] ?

Mobile phone radiation and health

EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) [10476] ?

Fact sheets and resources related to EMF

EMF Exposure Standards & Guidelines [4023] ?

Exposure limits gathered from a number of sources

EMF Hazards [2436] ?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) research and public information dissemination program

EMF Measurements Database [3553] ?

Data sets of measurements of low frequency electric and magnetic fields from various studies

EMFs in the Workplace [2438] ?

Fact sheet answers frequently asked questions about electric and magnetic fields in the workplace

FCC: Cellular Telephone Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) [24532] ?

The FCC has adopted limits for safe exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy

FDA: Cell PhonesSafety [20851] ?

FDA guidance on the subject

Guidelines on Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Magnetic Resonance Clinical Systems [25350] ?

Biological effects of various fields used in magnetic resonance devices

Medical Device Electromagnetic Compatibility [24731] ?

Documents to help resolve medical device EMC problems

Microwave News [2826] ?

Monthly newsletter, reports and resources on EMF radiation research

Microwave Ovens and their Hazards [8377] ?

Health effects of microwave radiation

Powerlines and Cancer [2440] ?

Health effects from exposure to power line frequency electric and magnetic fields

Updated Radio Frequency Safety [2630] ?

Guidance from the FCC on a variety of topics such as transmitting antenna RF emission safety

Updated Static Magnetic Fields [11328] ?

Effects of static magnetic fields on the body and health implications

US DoD Protecting Personnel from Electromagnetic Fields [pdf] [40641] ?

Text of the US Dept of Defense manual

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Environment / Radiation
Radioactive waste management and environmental concerns

OSHA / Radiation
OSHA technical resources on radiation, including EMF, lasers, etc.

Regulations / Radiation
Full text of DOE, EPA, NRC regulations on radiation, plus state laws

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