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Resources on respirable dust health exposures, controls, illness and treatment. Examples of dusts: silica, wood dust, coal dust, washed cotton. Includes info on histoplasmosis, hantavirus, ODTS, pneumoconiosis, etc. Bird and bat excrement exposures.

30 Resources
Agricultural Dusts - Respirators [26398] ?

Farm respiratory protection guidance

Agricultural Dusts and Harvesting [11889] ?

Human Health Concerns from Grain Dusts and Molds During Harvest

Bird Droppings & Excrement Removal Checklist [29371] ?

A health safety checklist when encountering and removing bird droppings and excrement

Control of Drywall Sanding Dust Exposures [20700] ?

Workers who sand drywall joint compound are often exposed to high concentrations of dusts

Dust Control Best Practices in Coal Mining [pdf] [3319] ?

An information circular

Exposure Sources and Health Effects from Crystalline Silica [pdf] [6121] ?

SKC's guide to sampling for silica

Firefighting - Combustible Dusts [pdf] [40465] ?

Firefighting precautions at facilities with combustible dusts

Flavorings-Related Lung Disease in Workers Who Use or Make Flavorings [39907] ?

Reduce the risk of severe obstructive lung disease (bronchiolitis obliterans) associated with flavorings

Hazard Communication Guidance for Combustible Dusts [pdf] [35820] ?

A guidance document for recognizing combustible dust hazards under OSHA's hazcom standard

Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica [12964] ?

Includes information on Occupational Exposure Limits

Histoplasmosis: Protecting Workers at Risk [3176] ?

NIOSH revised guidelines for preventing histoplasmosis including details about PPE

Limiting Silica Dust Exposure [25770] ?

Results of a study of silica exposures in construction

Military Exposure Guidelines - MEGs [pdf] [36874] ?

For particulates and more

MSHA Respirable Dust Rule [40925] ?

Final rule and compliance support materials

OSHA: Wood Dust [16439] ?

Technical resources on wood dust from OSHA

Preventing Lung Disease in Workers Who Use or Make Flavorings [39906] ?

Health effects that may occur because of workplace exposure to some flavorings or their ingredients

Preventing Silicosis and Deaths in Construction Workers [791] ?

Cites examples of construction operations with poor and good dust controls

Updated Respiratory Protection Guide for Agricultural Workes [3320] ?

Discussion of respirator program for agriculture workers

Respiratory Protection in Agriculture [3296] ?

Choosing the proper equipment and more

Sand or Abrasive Blasting [pdf] [31752] ?

Workplace hazards and controls

Silica [1896] ?

Fact sheets, alerts, updates and technical information sources on silicosis prevention

Silica Flour: Silicosis [2081] ?

Silica flour is used industrially as an abrasive cleaner and as an inert filler - hazards discussed

Silica: Exposures During Tuck Pointing [16563] ?

In tuck pointing, the worker grinds the mortar out from between the bricks

Western Red Cedar Dust [pdf] [31754] ?

Known to cause or exacerbate asthma, rhinitis and conjuctivitis

Why Are So Many Workers Still Exposed to Silica? [27312] ?

Silicosis cannot be cured, but experts say it can be prevented

Wood Dust - Health Hazards [11932] ?

OSHA health guidelines on wood dust

Wood Dust Control for Individual Machines [3322] ?

How to mitigate the exposure created by wood dust from woodworking equipment use

Work-Related Lung Disease Surveillance Report 2002 [3326] ?

Occupational respiratory disease surveillance data focusing on pneumoconiosis mortality

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Technical resources on fiberglass fibers, rock & slag wool health hazards

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Respirator fit, full text of respiratory programs, etc.

OSHA / Agriculture
OSHA technical resources on agriculture and farm safety

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Large number of agriculture safety bulletins, including dust hazards and control

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Safety procedures for safe sandblasting

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