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Compensation and benefit reports

Understanding Overtime Wage Law [11105] ?

When is Overtime Due?


Fact sheets on discrimination - sex, race, age, disabilities, etc.

ADA Regulations [14373] ?

Text of the law - Americans with Disabilities Act


E-mail lists and discussion forums for human resources issues

Workforce Commentary [2324] ?

Various topics


Full text of employee handbooks

Writing an Employee Handbook [29852] ?

Guidance when drafting or revising an employee handbook


Recruiting and hiring practices and the ADA, negligent hiring claims and more

Interviewer Quick Tips [11366] ?

How to interview


Information for employers about hiring immigrants

Business Visa Center [10542] ?

The issuance of visas for legitimate business travelers to the USA

Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program [9630] ?

Congressionally mandated Diversity Immigrant Visa Program makes available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually

Temporary Employment Visas [9629] ?

Description & maximum stay timeframe of each type of work visa

US Visa Forms [4018] ?

Download US visa forms

Visa Waiver Program [9631] ?

Passport requirements for travelers to the USA under the VWP - 90 days or less


Full text of US Dept of Labor laws and technical reference materials

Employment of Workers With Disabilities Under Special Certificates [16889] ?

Full text of US DOL wage and hour regulations CFR Title 29 Chapter V Part 525


Industry layoff guidance, reports, laws

PA-Pennsylvania Layoff Notification [36289] ?

WARN requirements and Rapid Response assistance related to layoffs


Addressing worker workplace performance

Employee Performance Management System [9776] ?

An example of a US government agency's procedures for performance review


Government posting requirements

Updated MO-Missouri Employer Posters [24265] ?

Various state and federal laws require employers to display certain posters

PA-Pennsylvania Mandatory Labor Postings [27194] ?

The following is a listing of required State and Federal employee notices

TN-Tennessee Employer Posters [33653] ?

State Posters Required for Tennessee Employers

WV-West Virginia Human Rights Act Poster [pdf] [33665] ?

Required to be posted in the workplace under state law


Corporate training and development resources

Training Magazine [8081] ?

Monthly magazine for those in the corporate training & development profession


Articles, sample policies and agreements related to volunteer management

Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 [8853] ?

Text of the Volunteer Protection Act (VPA), Public Law 105-19

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