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Sample volunteer management policies, assessing volunteer job needs, Volunteer Protection Act of 1997, volunteer recruitment process, volunteer legal handbook, sample volunteer task descriptions, sample volunteer contract.

21 Resources
All for Good [14151] ?

Helps people from all over the country connect to volunteering opportunities in their area

Creative Volunteer Roles [12042] ?

How volunteers can meet special needs requiring very part-time or even

Updated Forms for Volunteers [12038] ?

Volunteer application forms, code of conduct, permission & liability, etc.

Managing Volunteer Risk [pdf] [28941] ?

Information to help nonprofit organizations better manage their volunteers

Managing Volunteers [25193] ?

Good practice guides, employee volunteering, etc.

PAN Approach [23696] ?

If I Like Working With Kids, Will People Think I'm a Child Molester?

Resources for Volunteer Managers [15367] ?

Information on all aspects of volunteer management

Risk Control Planning for Volunteer Programs [15794] ?

Addresses risks involving volunteers

Sample Volunteer Application Form [19612] ?

Includes a volunteer agreement and authorization statement signed by the applicant

Sample Volunteer Contract [25194] ?

Text of a volunteer contract in use by a radio station in Alaska

Service Leader [12039] ?

Specialized resources for Volunteers, Leaders and Managers of Volunteers, and Instructors and Thought Leaders.

Volunteer Agreement Forms [20478] ?

Sample volunteer agreement, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator's Handbook [pdf] [6456] ?

Provides guidelines how to organize a volunteer program

Volunteer Handbook Guide [12032] ?

What should be included

Volunteer Job Descriptions [14150] ?

Volunteer Job Description Template

Volunteer Management Library [12028] ?

Resources for volunteer management

Volunteer Program Guidelines [pdf] [12041] ?

Related to volunteer management

Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 [8853] ?

Text of the Volunteer Protection Act (VPA), Public Law 105-19

Volunteer Recognition [15363] ?

Ideas on how to show appreciation to volunteers

Volunteer Recruitment [12037] ?

Tips for recruiting volunteers

Volunteer Risk Management Tutorial [25283] ?

Online tutorial for volunteer organizations

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