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Listing of industry layoffs reported nationwide in US. Nationwide survey on corporate severance practices. Investigation, discipline and termination issues. Using the right management techniques to prevent workplace violence during terminations. Full text of the workforce reduction policy of the US Army Corps of Engineers. State rules on final pay check time frames.

14 Resources
Employee Termination Checklist [pdf] [37832] ?

Assumes that the decision to terminate has already been made

How to Avoid Deadly Terminations [26590] ?

Workplace violence prevention techniques and terminations

How to Conduct a Layoff [10198] ?

Advice for small business

How to Fire Employees [15475] ?

How to lay the groundwork for a smooth termination

Preventing Workplace Violence During Terminations [485] ?

Articles on using the right management techniques to prevent workplace violence during terminations

Reduction-in-Force [23558] ?

Sample policy and procedure in use by a major university

Risk Management in Time of Downsizings and Closings [pdf] [40169] ?

Human resources considerations

Sample Employee Termination Contract: Waiver of Rights to Sue [11114] ?

A general release relating to the employee's termination

Termination Checklist Form [11113] ?

A few sample items that could be put on an employee termination checklist

Termination Legal [19437] ?

Legal issues related to termination

Updated Termination Procedures [29090] ?

Example of policies and procedures in use at a major university

Tips for Firing Employees [29113] ?

Here are some tips to consider when firing any employee

When Should You Fire an Employee? [12497] ?

A true/false checklist to assist with termination decision-making

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Industry layoff guidance, reports, laws

Human Resources / Performance
Addressing worker workplace performance

Legal / Discrimination
Case developments, articles, resources related to employee discrimination

Security / Violence
Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

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