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Sample telecommuting programs, checklists and forms. Telecommuting manuals and guidelines. Cost-benefit analysis. Answers to frequently asked questions about various telework and telecommuting issues.

28 Resources
Building a Telework Program [6421] ?

Toolkit for employers

Calculate the Cost of Commuting [19487] ?

A series of online calculators

Creating a Remote Work Agreement [27336] ?

Consider these eight points when instituting a corporate policy related to remote workers

EEOC on Telework [11368] ?

Work At Home/Telework as a Reasonable Accommodation

Establishing a Corporate Telecommuting Program [8162] ?

Six Step Process of Investigating the Potential for Telecommuting

Home-based Telecommuting Cost-Benefit Analysis [3588] ?

Provides a spreadsheet analysis of the costs and benefits of home telecommuting

Interagency Telecommuting Program [7988] ?

Details of the USA federal government's telecommuting program, including implementation guides

International Telework Association & Council [3585] ?

Workshops on telecommuting

Managing the Telecommuter [21] ?

Guidance for managing employees who are home alone and working

NIH Telework Program [28873] ?

Resources to support the telework policy in use by the US National Institutes of Health

Updated Remote Work Policies [27335] ?

An effective policy should clearly state the following

Sample Telecommuter Agreement [3225] ?

Between company and employee approved for telecommuting on a continuing basis

Sample Telecommuting Agreements [3662] ?

Full text of three examples of Telecommuting Agreements

Some Common & Not-so-Common Questions Telework/Telecommuting Questions [3587] ?

Answers to frequently asked questions about various telework and telecommuting issues

Tele-Work Guidelines [pdf] [15792] ?

Discusses tele-commuting risks and ways to manage them

Telecommuting Pros and Cons [15468] ?

How to implement a telecommuting program

Telework - Checkout List [23500] ?

Designed to ensure that your telecommuting employee is properly oriented to the policies and procedures

Telework and the US Federal Government [15392] ?

Publications for federal agencies

Telework Basics for Federal Employees [5351] ?

Key steps to successful telecommuting

Telework Guidance [5078] ?

Guide used by federal agencies to assist in the creation of telecommuting programs

Telework Library [11667] ?

Multiple resources including an implementation manual for telecommuting/telework

Telework Pitfalls [3231] ?

Following are some examples of the common pitfalls to avoid

Telework Program [3597] ?

Materials to help you set up a telework program, including sample telework policy

Telework Program Implementation Steps [pdf] [16196] ?

Steps for Implementing Telecommuting Programs

Telework Program Policy Guide [13400] ?

Includes a sample telework agreement, safety checklist and more

The Telecommuting Zone [12590] ?

The telecommuting program for the state of Arizona

VA-Virginia Telework Program [14414] ?

Telework!VA can help your company offset the cost of starting up or expanding a telework program

When Telework Makes Sense [pdf] [18282] ?

Employer benefits and implementation guidance

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