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Salary surveys by profession, such as the heatlh care profession, executive pay, safety & health profession, psychology profession, trainers, information technology, advertising profession and other business professions. Salary and wage tables for USA federal government employees. Compare state and local government workers salaries with the private sector. Online calculators for converting hourly wages to annual salary and vice versa as well as cost of living calculators.

17 Resources
Computer Industry Salary Survey [8058] ?

Salary charts by job title and region of the country

CUPA Surveys on Higher Education Salaries [9565] ?

Results of chief executive, administrative and faculty compensation surveys

Employer Salary List [35208] ?

Data pulled from US Department of Labor data and listed by company

Executive PayWatch [2885] ?

AFLCIO's guide to monitoring salaries, bonuses and perks in CEO compensation packages

Job Index Salary Survey Report [29318] ?

Salary survey reports for jobs in the USA

National Compensation Survey [4057] ?

Approximately 25 data reports on compensation in the United States

Nursing Hourly Rate Survey Report [30403] ?

In the United States

Profession Specific Salary Surveys [4062] ?

Links to a large number of salary surveys with the focus on California

Salary Wizard [13940] ?

Basic report shows national average salaries adjusted by location

Salary Wizard [17096] ?

Contains salary information on thousands of job titles in the USA

SalaryExpert [16745] ?

Obtain salary information on the most common US jobs

Security Guard Salaries [18314] ?

1997-8 security guard salary info

Television and Radio News Salaries & Benefits [23505] ?

Results of research studies on the subject

Updated USA State and National Wages by Occupation [28329] ?

Database uses US Bureau of Labor Statistics data

Wage Determinations [24452] ?

Wage determinations required on most federal construction contracts and on most federal service contracts

Wage Determinations - Davis-Bacon & Service Contract Act [24033] ?

Determines prevailing wage rates to be paid on federally funded or assisted construction projects

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