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Full text of various corporate policies and procedures, e.g., conflict of interest, lobbying, scientific misconduct, environmental health and safety, at-will employment, telecommuting, travel, internet use, fragrance-free workplace and more. Articles & essays on personnel policies, performance evaluations, merit increases, vacations, severance pay, interviewing guidelines, etc. Policy and procedure manuals.

34 Resources
AR-Arkansas State Personnel Policy [15859] ?

Text of the policies for the state personnel system

Australia: University Policies and Procedures [9583] ?

Text of academic, fiscal, personnel, property/facilities policies in use by a major university

Business Forms [2028] ?

A variety of business templates: sample forms, policies and checklists

Updated CO-Colorado University Policies & Procedures [9784] ?

Series of human resources policies & procedures in use at a major university

Departmental Personnel Manual [5959] ?

Text of a human resources manual currently in use by US DOT

Employee Records Policy [23556] ?

Example of an employee files policy in use by a major university

Employment Practices Checklist [pdf] [38837] ?

Employment practices risk control

FHWA Personnel Resource Manual [12585] ?

Full text of the personnel manual for the Federal Highway Administration

First Aid Policy [pdf] [16509] ?

Full text of a sample first aid policy

FL-Florida State University Policies and Procedures [23470] ?

Full text of polices and procedures

Fragrance Free Workplace Policies [348] ?

Advice for creating fragrance-free workplaces

GA-Georgia University Human Resources Policies & Procedures [23842] ?

Text of a student handbook, academic affairs policies, administrative forms

HR Policy Samples for Business [30796] ?

A series of human resources-related sample policy statements

Human Resources Guidelines [5245] ?

Full text of guidelines in use by a major university

Human Subjects Research Policy [8953] ?

Example of a policy on human subjects in research

Model Policy for Sexual Harassment [21983] ?

Fill in the blank model sexual harassment policy

MT-Montana Board of Regents Policy & Procedures Manual [9595] ?

Full text of the Montana University policies and procedures manual

NC-North Carolina Human Resources Manual [21822] ?

State personnel manual, human resources manual

PA-University Policies [8310] ?

Full text of policies in use by a major university

Personnel Management Operating Manuals [28933] ?

In use by the US government

Personnel Policies for Staff Members [3281] ?

Full text of a staff personnel manual currently in use by a university in California

Policies & Procedures Index [9592] ?

Full text of policies and procedures in use at a major university

Updated Privacy and Employee Monitoring Policy [11106] ?

Information on workplace privacy protections

Sample Fragrance-Free Policy [24274] ?

Example of suggested policy language

Sample Personnel Policies - Local Government [20861] ?

These samples are for the principal use of cities, towns and counties

Scientific Misconduct [8956] ?

An example of a policy on scientific misconduct

The Right to Search - Camps [14984] ?

Invasion of privacy issues may be superseded by safety concerns

University Human Resources Policies & Guidelines [5244] ?

Text of HR policies, payroll guidelines, etc in use by a major university in Pennsylvania

University Policies [15696] ?

A policy manual for a major university

US Army Employee Manual [21572] ?

Manual relating to civilian employee policies

US Office of Personnel Management [21575] ?

Human resources policies for US government personnel

UT-Utah University Policy & Procedures Manual [6396] ?

Full text of the policies & procedures manual for the University of Utah

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Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Human Resources / Handbooks
Full text of employee handbooks

Human Resources / HR Departments
Home pages to government and university departments of human resources

Human Resources / Job Analysis
Full text of sample job descriptions, checklists, documents of job analysis

Human Resources / Leave
FMLA, leave policies and forms

Safety Mgt / Safety Programs
Full text of over 30 workplace safety and health programs & manuals

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