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Guide to conflict resolution for managers and supervisors. 360-Degree Feedback. Performance appraisal systems. Guide to performance management. A Checklist for Troubleshooting Performance Problems. Addressing poor workplace performance. Performance measurements for employees and teams.

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360-Degrees of Evaluation FAQ [8130] ?

Answers common questions relating to 360-degree feedback

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies [10164] ?

Scientific study of human behavior and its effects

Effective Employee Performance Management [8152] ?

Performance Management and 360 Degree Performance Assessments

Employee Performance and Discipline [9577] ?

Sample performance appraisal forms and guidance

Employee Performance Management System [9776] ?

An example of a US government agency's procedures for performance review

Employee Performance Review Guides [25975] ?

Example of a performance review program

Examples of Employee Performance Reviews [13977] ?

Examples of employee performance reviews for six positions

Forms for Performance Reviews [25981] ?

Different kinds of performance evaluation forms you can choose from when conducting job reviews

Get Rid of the Performance Review [8146] ?

Makes the case for eliminating employee performance appraisals

Guide to Conflict Management [8996] ?

Guidance for managers and supervisors to resolve conflicts in the workplace

Guide to Performance Management [8113] ?

Guidance on employee performance appraisals

Helpful Employee Performance Review Phrases [25972] ?

A few phrases to assist when completing employee performance reviews

How to Deal with Conflict [12050] ?

Tips on how to handle conflict

Performance Appraisal - Legal Aspects [2073] ?

There are principles of equity and fairness that should be upheld in any good employee evaluation process

Performance Management [8176] ?

Managing employee performance

Performance Management Programs [13209] ?

Best practices in use by agencies of the US federal government

Sample Performance Appraisal Plans [35792] ?

These sample plans should be customized to fit the particular expectations of the position

Sample Performance Reviews [16885] ?

Sample reviews for management, clerical, technical, professional, production, executive

Sample Supervisory Skills Development Plan [25973] ?

This sample is for an executive director who's struggling with supervisory skills

To Appraise or not to Appraise [9557] ?

Issues to be addressed to develop & implement a valid performance evaluation process

US Army Performance Evaluation System [pdf] [5861] ?

Full text of the Army's performance manual

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Behavioral safety topics

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Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

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