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Covers issues related to PEOs, how to select a PEO, legal considerations, etc.

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Updated AR-Arkansas Employment Agency Law [pdf] [10183] ?

Full text of the act

Employer Services Assurance Corporation [10212] ?

Formerly the Institute for the Accreditation of Professional Employer Organizations (IAPEO)

MT-Montana Professional Employer Organizations [23198] ?

PEOs are required to be licensed through the Department of Labor & Industry

National Association of Professional Employer Organizations [1543] ?

Represents the interests of the PEO industry

NY-New York PEO Requirements [27873] ?

Information related to the New York Professional Employer Act

PEO - Outsource Your HR [26169] ?

A description of the services rendered by PEO's

PEO Basics [18495] ?

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) - what is it?

PEO Industry Information [1541] ?

Learn the basics about PEOs and their industry

Professional Employer Organization Guide [24708] ?

Learn how a PEO can benefit your business

States That Require PEOs to be Licensed [3192] ?

Provides a list of the states with licensing laws and guidelines when choosing a PEO

Temporary Agencies/Employee Leasing & Workers Compensation Insurance [20159] ?

Important qualities regarding Workers' Compensation insurance

The Employee Leasing Decision [16694] ?

Advantages and disadvantages to employers to lease employees

Transitioning from a PEO [pdf] [26764] ?

When an employer terminates a PEO, the following transition issues should be considered

VA-Virginia PEO Registration [16957] ?

State requirements

VT-Vermont Employee Leasing Licensure [28934] ?

Information about rules, forms, lists of those licensed to do business as employee leasing companies in the State

VT-Vermont Title 21 Chapter 12 Employee Leasing Companies [5000] ?

Full text of Vermont employee leasing laws

When to Outsource HR Functions [26170] ?

For some businesses, outsourcing the entire HR function may be the best possible option

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