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HR management basics, broader human resources perspectives, auditing the HR function, HR trends and white papers, etc.

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Agricultural Labor Management Instructors Guide [28818] ?

Materials for those who teach agricultural labor management through seminars or classroom teaching

Articles about the Workplace [14426] ?

Series of articles of interest to human resources professionals

Auditing the Human Resources Function [8159] ?

Assess the effectiveness of the Human Resources function & ensure regulatory compliance

Diagnostic HR Checklist [13947] ?

A Human Resources Management checklist

Guidance Manual for Implementing Employer-Based Travel Demand Management [11671] ?

Technical assistance for planning and operating TDM activities

HR Articles & Report Summaries [9558] ?

Human resource articles on key issues to the HR community

HR Audit Questionnaire [26835] ?

The assessment tool is comprised of sections relating to human resource function areas

HR Manager Reference Guide [26831] ?

Reference guide on a broad range of Human Resources topics

HR Metrics - Common Formulas [40378] ?

Ten most common formulas in use for human resources measurements

HR Metrics - Healthcare [pdf] [40380] ?

A list with definitions of human resources performance measures used in healthcare

HR Metrics - Metrics for HR Management [40385] ?

Ten key human capital measurements

HR Metrics - Myths, Best Practices, Tips [pdf] [40384] ?

Identifying the right metrics

HR Metrics - The Best Metrics for Large Organizations [40379] ?

A hot list of performance measures for human resources

HR Metrics and Analytics - A Study [pdf] [40377] ?

Finding suggests HR needs to develop ability how to measure HR's impact on the business organization

HR Metrics Articles [33188] ?

A series of articles related to human resources metrics

HR Metrics Formula Examples [40383] ?

The best HR metrics for human capital management

HR Metrics Standards and Glossary [40376] ?

Includes formulas and descriptions

Human Resources Management [12929] ?

The basics of human resources management

Human Resources Managers - Basics [12927] ?

What they do, how much they are paid in the USA

Making HR Measurement Strategic [40382] ?

The LAMP framework and more

Mercer Insights [22096] ?

Human resources management analysis

Updated Recommended Contents of Personnel Files [10413] ?

What should and should not be in a personnel file

Understanding the Costs of Employee Turnover [15476] ?

How to calculate the cost of replacing an employee

US Office of Personnel Management: Guide to Processing Personnel Actions [14395] ?

Describes procedures used by the US Dept of Personnel Mgt

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Human Resources / HR Departments
Home pages to government and university departments of human resources

Human Resources / HR Tips
A variety of management tips for human resource professionals

Human Resources / Labor Issues
Issues and trends in labor and employment

Organizations / Human Resources
Associations, non-profits, institutes associated with human resources profession

Publications / Human Resources
Periodicals for human resource professionals

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