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Guidance on the Family and Medical Leave Act, leave banks, leaves of absence, maternity leave, etc.

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CA-California Disability Leave Manual [pdf] [23342] ?

Used by state university

Updated CA-California Kin-Care Leave [10594] ?

Use of up to half of an employee's accrued sick leave benefits to care for a sick family member

CA-California Leaves of Absence Requirements [11362] ?

Leaves of absence California employers must grant and those they can refuse

CA-California Overtime Leave Exemptions [11627] ?

Some jobs are Exempt from California overtime payment requirements

FMLA Advisor [3399] ?

Answers common questions about the FMLA from workers and employers

FMLA Compliance Guide [1832] ?

Assistance with compliance to the Family and Medical Leave Act

FMLA Forms & Resources [3512] ?

FMLA resources and forms for employers

FMLA Opinion Letters [19503] ?

US Dept of Labor response to FMLA requirements

FMLA: Compliance Guide [16739] ?

Explains basic provisions of the law and the rights and responsibilities of employers & employees

Policies & Procedures: Leaves [23559] ?

Example of a policy and procedure for leaves in use at a major university

Time-Off Policy [11109] ?

A sample for policy for paid time off

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Employee benefits, COBRA, defined benefit plans, cafeteria plans, etc.

Human Resources / Forms
Downloadable forms - medical, dental, payroll, employment, appraisals, etc.

Human Resources / Policies
Ready-to-use sample letters, contracts, forms, policies, checklists

Regulations / FMLA
Full text of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

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