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Weekly layoff reports by industry. Guidance on layoffs and labor laws. How to control excessive WC claims with layoffs.

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12-Step Program for Layoffs [35563] ?

Suggests practical steps for any company to take when faced with downsizing

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls of Layoffs [35542] ?

Some tips for employers to consider before layoffs

BLS Mass Layoff Statistics [13124] ?

Identify, describe, and track the effects of major job cutbacks in the USA

CA-California Layoff Manual [23341] ?

Full text of the layoff manual used by the State of California

CA-California WARN Requirements [35552] ?

Stricter than federal WARN provisions

Can a Worker be Laid Off While on WC Leave? [35538] ?

No law requires employers to give special treatment to employees just because they're on workers' comp leave

Characteristics of Possible Fraudulent WC Claims Post Layoff [35541] ?

Claims showing signs of being driven by economic need rather than disability

Cutting Costs: Should Personnel Be the First to Go? [35551] ?

Explores some measures an employer should take to protect the benefit realized by a RIF

Downsizing and Workers Compensation [pdf] [40576] ?

WC claims often skyrocket when companies downsize - steps to take to reduce the risk

employee Layoffs and Litigation [35545] ?

To reduce risks associated with layoffs, employers should consider the following

Federal Assistance - Downsizing and Closing [35550] ?

Federal services to assist employers and workers through a layoff

Giving Staff Advance Notice of Large Layoffs [35566] ?

When do you have to WARN employees?

Updated IL-Illinois WARN Act [35556] ?

Stricter than federal WARN provisions

Impact of Layoff on Foreign National Employees [35568] ?

Outlines some of the immigration issues foreign nationals and companies face during a company layoff

Important Considerations when Making Layoff Decisions [35562] ?

Guidelines to follow when faced with a layoff situation

Job Cuts [28051] ?

Layoff reports in the USA

Key Steps to Take During Layoff to Avoid Driving Up Workers Comp Costs [35546] ?

Here are some things you can do to prepare for layoffs

LA-Lousiana Downsizing Guidance [28089] ?

Employer layoff requirements

Layoff Severance Pay Can Trigger Serious Tax Issues [35564] ?

Ultimately, your company must take a long look at tax laws before deciding which course of action to pursue

Layoffs and Downsizing Procedures [pdf] [38836] ?

Suggested operational polices and procedures, program elements

Layoffs and Furloughs: Do Them Right [35549] ?

A few specific tips

Layoffs, Terminations & Workers Compensation [pdf] [35536] ?

Some key issues that must be addressed by management

Updated ME-Maine Layoff Laws [25044] ?

A brief description

MI-Michigan Dislocated Workers [28085] ?

Workers who are dislocated because of a mass layoff or natural disaster are helped to find suitable employment

MI-Michigan Rapid Response [28086] ?

Facility closure and mass layoff requirements

Updated Minimize Lawsuit Claims from Layoffs [35502] ?

Techniques to Avoid or Minimize Claims

MS-Mississipppi Layoffs [36285] ?

Rapid Response program services

NC-North Carolina WARN Requirements [35557] ?

Stricter than federal WARN provisions

NJ-New Jersey WARN Notices [35554] ?

Stricter than federal WARN provisions

NY-New York WARN Requirements [35553] ?

Stricter than federal WARN provisions

PA-Pennsylvania Layoff Notification [36289] ?

WARN requirements and Rapid Response assistance related to layoffs

Plant Closings and Mass Layoffs [9975] ?

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN)

Plant Closings, Layoffs and Workers’ Compensation [20038] ?

Reducing workers compensation claims during a layoff

Prevent Abusive Workers Comp Claims During Layoffs [35540] ?

How to help prevent laid off employees from bringing baseless comp claims

Preventing Workers Compensation Claims During Layoffs [35544] ?

Layoffs: Ten Techniques to Avoid or Minimize Claims

Updated Protecting Pension and Health Care Benefits After Job Loss [pdf] [20188] ?

Important Information Workers Need to Know to Protect their Benefits

Sample City Layoff Policies [20864] ?

These samples are for the principal use of cities, towns and counties

Sample Layoff Letter [35548] ?

For non-WARN situations

Sample WARN Letter [28088] ?

A WARN Notice should include the following informatio

Strategies for Successful Organizational Downsizing [pdf] [35565] ?

Report of a study of 30 organizations that downsized over a four year period

TAA Petition Determinations [15277] ?

Search for decisions on petitions for assistance from TAA or NAFTA-TAA

Tips for Planning Reductions in Force [35571] ?

Some issues for employers to consider as they decide whether and how to implement a layoff

Toolkit: Reductions in Force [35569] ?

To help with legal requirements when planning and implementing a reduction in force, plant closings, etc

Trade Act Programs [18574] ?

Assistance for the unemployed as a result of increased imports

Trade Adjustment Assistance - US DOL [28084] ?

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program is a federal program that provides a path for employment

UT-Utah Pre-Layoff Services [15279] ?

Utah The Department of Workforce Services' Rapid Response Team services

VA-Virginia Layoff Policy [35547] ?

Used by the State of Virginia for layoffs of state employees

WARN - Corporate Obligations [pdf] [35559] ?

Meeting the obligations of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act amid layoffs and closures

WARN Program [17387] ?

Employer requirements to advance notice of closings and layoffs

WI-Wisconsin WARN Requirements [35558] ?

Stricter than federal WARN provisions for mass layoffs

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act [15278] ?

A Guide to Advance Notice of Closings and Layoffs

Workers Comp and Layoffs [35543] ?

In considering workers compensation issues, layoff preparations must be considered

Workforce Reductions [3836] ?

Guide to Employee Transition

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Managing the costs of workers compensation claims

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Employee termination issues.

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Case developments, articles, resources related to employee discrimination

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Full text of US Department of Labor (DOL) laws - plus, state labor laws

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Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

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