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Tools, data files and other topics related to job descriptions. Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Job requirements checklist. Job analysis research papers and resources. Occupational classification systems. Sample job descriptions.

27 Resources
ADA & Job Descriptions [9651] ?

The job analysis process as related to the Americans with Disabilities Act

AZ-Medical Center Classified Staff Job Descriptions [3047] ?

Full text of job descriptions in use by a medical center

Canada: Essential Skills Occupational Profiles [18646] ?

Database of job profiles outlining the essential skills needed for each job described

Canada: OCCINFO [18638] ?

Alberta Canada occupational profiles

Completed Job Description Examples [16667] ?

5 job descriptions - marketing mgr, receptionist, electrician supv, auto service mgr, network tech

Crosswalk [3748] ?

Find O*NET-SOC occupations using this cross reference to other classification systems

Dictionary of Occupational Titles [1971] ?

Occupational Categories, Divisions, and Groups Master Titles and Definitions

Federal Classification Systems [13206] ?

General Schedule (GS) (white collar) and Federal Wage System (FWS) (blue collar)

GA-Georgia Job Descriptions [15242] ?

An exhaustive job description or job analysis of state jobs in Georgia

Updated Healthcare Job Descriptions [18836] ?

A series of job descriptions for the medical industry

Industry Wizard [24900] ?

Dictionary of Occupational Titles codes compared to NAICS, SIC, SEC codes etc

Job Analysis Questionnaire [pdf] [11110] ?

A sample job analysis questionnaire

Job Analysis Worksheet [17719] ?

The job description should be drafted based on the specifications of the job analysis

Job Class Descriptions [35953] ?

For each job includes scope of work, duties performed, minimum qualifications

Job Description - Examples [11116] ?

A series of sample job descriptions

Job Description Bank [40793] ?

Examples of job descriptions

Job Description Template [28826] ?

How to guidance

Military Occupational Classification and Structure [pdf] [26122] ?

Descriptions of military classifications of individuals and positions within the military (pdf)

ND-North Dakota Job Class Index [23937] ?

Index of job titles with their descriptions

O*Net: Occupational Information Network Online [1833] ?

Online database of occupational information - job profiles

Occupational Outlook Handbook [1983] ?

Full text of US Dept of Labor publication on the outlook for specific occupations

Position Description Template [14391] ?

How to create a job description using this template

Sample Job Descriptions - Local Government [20859] ?

These samples are for the principal use of cities, towns and counties

School Police Officer: Sample Task List [9549] ?

Outlines physical requirements - common physical ability dimensions and their measures

Skills Development Research [16033] ?

Summaries of documents on research studies that address skills development

SOAR: Searchable Online Accommodation Resources [2026] ?

Database of various accommodation options for persons with disabilities in the work setting

WI-Wisconsin Dictionary of Occupational Classifications & Work Descriptions [20930] ?

For use on all Public Works Projects in the State of Wisconsin

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