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Informal learning is the unofficial, unscheduled, impromptu way people learn to do their jobs. The resources here guide organizations to optimize the workplace for informal learning.

18 Resources
Beyond the Classroom: How to Use Informal Learning [36895] ?

Informal learning is becoming more of the norm in the corporate environment

Updated Collaborative Learning Basics [36907] ?

What it is

Formal & Informal Learning [36905] ?

Characteristics and a strategy for informal learning

Informal Learning Tutorial [36911] ?

Online video provides an overview on the subject of informal learning

Informal Learning: What is it? [36910] ?

Informal learning is a profit strategy

Informal Learning - Characteristics [36899] ?

Informal learning can be characterized as follows

Informal Learning - Forms [pdf] [36908] ?

The many forms of learning that takes place independently from instructor-led programs

Informal Learning - Is there such a thing? [36890] ?

Discussion explores the theory and practice of informal learning

Informal Learning - True Cost [36898] ?

An analysis

Informal Learning 2.0 [36894] ?

This approach sets the stage for broad cultural changes that strengthen the organization for the long term

Informal Learning The Other 80% [36906] ?

A look at what informal learning is and what to do to leverage it

Learning Portals [36892] ?

Learning portals integrate informal, social and collaborative learning

Measuring Informal Learning [36896] ?

Make it measurable

Updated Social Learning - Focusing on What Matters [36901] ?

Strategy guided by meaningful metrics

Social Learning Academy [36909] ?

How to use Social Media in Education & the Workplace

Social Media Toolkit for Business Owners [36913] ?

Internet tools with business applicability

Using Informal Learning in Employee Development [pdf] [36967] ?

Informal learning extends the impact of enterprise ideas and information

Working Smarter Through Workscaping [pdf] [36968] ?

Workscaping is a learning ecology that helps people grow so their organizations may prosper

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