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Interviewing guidelines. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Pre-employment tests. Recruiting and hiring practices. Relocation information. Negligent hiring. Internet recruiting. Guidance on criminal history and background checks, references, etc. of potential new hires.

50 Resources
Updated A Case Study of Google Recruiting [28059] ?

A best practices case study

Updated A Primer on Poaching the Best Talent [28061] ?

Approaches range from aggressive to passive

Academic Hiring Manual [9590] ?

Steps to the hiring process in use at a major university

Behavioral Interviewing [8962] ?

Questions ask candidates for examples of current and past behavior

Candidate Comparison Chart [12223] ?

Comparing people is easier if you use a matrix for your information

Companies Look at Wrong Things When Using Facebook to Screen Job Applicants [40470] ?

Researchers tested 175 study participants to measure the personality traits that companies look for in job candidates

Conducting a Lawful Employment Interview [9739] ?

Guidance on conducting interviews

Conducting Employment Interviews [28831] ?

Guidelines and resources such as impermissible interview questions, sample forms and more

Confidentiality and Nonsolicitation Clauses [16182] ?

Designed for employees to understand the clauses commonly found in employment agreements

Disability Nondiscrimination Checklist [8836] ?

Recruitment, pre-employment screening, testing, employer accommodation, etc

Disabled - Recruiting and Hiring Reference Guide [pdf] [37920] ?

Reference Guide to Recruiting, Hiring, & Retaining Employees with Disabilities

e-Vets Advisor [26992] ?

Assists veterans preparing to enter the job market

Elements of Effective Recruitment Ads [28063] ?

Factors to consider

Hiring - Most Common Candidate Sources [pdf] [28046] ?

Results of a survey focused on effective use of candidate sources as they relate to the staffing function

Hiring and Pre-employment Screening Procedures [pdf] [38847] ?

Guidance on what should be considered when establishing policies and procedures related to hiring

Hiring Guide for Small Business [23674] ?

26 page guide for an effective hiring process

Hiring Independent Contractors [pdf] [439] ?

A guide - you may be an employer with requirements and not know it

Hiring Independent Contractors [1986] ?

Determining Whether the Individuals Providing Services are Employees or Independent Contractors

Hiring Paperwork [13111] ?

Sample forms

Hiring Responsibilities [19441] ?

What are your rights and responsibilities in hiring?

Hiring: Do You Know How To Pick Them? [13110] ?

Generate a Pool of Candidates

Updated How To Find a Great Recruiter [28060] ?

A toolkit of outside-the-box approaches

How to Hire a Sales Staff [15480] ?

Hiring an Effective Sales Team

How to Recruit and Hire for Better Results [15479] ?

Guidance on the hiring process

Updated Improving Your Employee Referral Program [28056] ?

Ways to improve your program's effectiveness and generate return on investment

Interviewer Quick Tips [11366] ?

How to interview

Updated Interviewing Guidelines [pdf] [6695] ?

Job interview inquiries prohibited by law

Interviewing Principles [12046] ?

Interviewing best practices for hiring and selection

Job Advertisement [5687] ?

Example of a job ad

Job Interview Template [5686] ?

Provides a template for conducting job interviews

Know Who You Want to Hire: An Interactive Hiring Tool [11683] ?

The elements to help you make a successful hire

Legal Checklist of Pre-Employment Inquiries [22304] ?

Inadvisable inquiries are listed here

Updated MI-Michigan WARN Notices & Mass Layoffs [28087] ?

Lists of WARN notifications of plant closures/layoff events from specific Michigan companies

New Employee Orientation Checklist [12194] ?

Consider the following items for your New Employee Orientation Checklist

New-Hire Employee Packets [28833] ?

Examples from a county government

Performance Based Interviewing [40848] ?

This method is also referred to as competency-based or behavioral interviewing

Updated Potential Interview Questions [17594] ?

Examples of questions used by employers when interviewing potential new hires

Pre-Employment Testing and the ADA [pdf] [16007] ?

A discussion of the issue

Pre-employment Testing: Revealing the Person Behind the Resume [15481] ?

Advantages and disadvantages of pre-employment testing

Preemployment Screening & Workplace Violence Prevention [26589] ?

What to look for when conducting preemployment screening and interviews

Updated Recruiting and Hiring Templates [11115] ?

Sample forms, templates, checklists related to the recruiting and hiring process

Recruiting in Rough Times [15474] ?

Steps to lay the groundwork to recruit efficiently

Updated SESTAT Database [10106] ?

Employment, educational and demographic data on scientists & engineers in the USA

Should Employers Google Applicants? [35392] ?

A summary of some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these sources in personnel matters

Updated Social Media Background Checks [37902] ?

Guideliness for employers

Tracking Applicants [8165] ?

Recommended steps in the applicant tracking process

Uses of Pre-employment Tests in Selection Procedures [2640] ?

A fact sheet regarding EEOC requirements

Updated Using Blogs as a Strategic Recruiting Tool [28057] ?

How Microsoft and others have enhanced their employment brands through blogs

Using Consumer Reports [10178] ?

What Employers Need to Know

Veteran's Preference for Federal Jobs [21799] ?

Explains veteran's priviledges regarding obtaining federal jobs

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Human Resources / Compensation
Compensation and benefit reports

Human Resources / Discrimination
Fact sheets on discrimination - sex, race, age, disabilities, etc.

Human Resources / Immigration
Information for employers about hiring immigrants

Human Resources / Staffing
Alternative staffing. Independent contractors. Outsourcing.

Human Resources / Temp Workers
Contingent and part time employment strategies

Legal / Discrimination
Case developments, articles, resources related to employee discrimination

Security / Background Checks
Advice on checking references, SSN verification, fingerprinting, etc.

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