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Benefits Boards [2323] ?

Series of message boards for professionals involved with employee benefits

Blog: Smart Talk [33186] ?

Trends in workplace change, recruiting and outplacement

Disability Law Blog [33179] ?

For disabled individuals with long term disability, social security disability and workers compensation claims

Evil HR Lady Blog [33182] ?

A human resources professional in a Fortune 500 Company who answers HR questions

FMLA Blog [33181] ?

An ERISA law commentary and news filter

Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog [33184] ?

Federal and Pennsylvania legal discussion related to employment law

Retirement Plan Blog [35897] ?

Employee benefit plans including retirement programs, welfare benefit plans, executive benefits, and employee ownership

TX-Texas Employment Law Blog [33177] ?

A Texas law firm focused on employment law and discrimination issues

Workforce Commentary [2324] ?

Various topics

Workplace Prof Blog [33178] ?

For law school professors teaching Employment Law, Employment Discrimination, Labor Law, Benefits, etc

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Health / Discussion
Discussion groups and message boards on substance abuse, health, fitness, etc.

Legal / Discussion
E-mail lists and discussion forums for legal issues

Safety Mgt / Discussion
Workplace safety discussion groups

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