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USA federal and state unemployment tax and minimum wage requirements. Broadbanding. Job pricing. Merit pay. Pay for performance. Incentive pay.

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Broadbanding [8157] ?

Strategy for salary structures that consolidate a large number of pay grades into a few broad bands

CA-California Overtime Requirements [11069] ?

Requirements for overtime payments to employees classified as

Classification & Compensation [22293] ?

Example of compensation programs in use at a major university

Compensation & Benefits [8151] ?

On-line reference guide to pay equity, variable pay and employee benefits management

Compliance Assistance Fair Labor Standards Act [4059] ?

Questions, answers and resource information on US wage-hour labor standards

Creative Compensation [15471] ?

Examples of creative forms of compensation currently in use by other successful companies

Updated Employer Costs for Employee Compensation [13122] ?

Data back to 1986

Executive Compensation [16525] ?

The why's and wherefore's of executive pay

FLSA: Wage & Hour Provisions [1918] ?

Provides employer guidance on the federal requirements of FSLA

How to Write a Compensation Plan [9788] ?

Article reviews the elements needed in a compensation plan

Job Pricing [8156] ?

Involves the establishment of wage rates for jobs within an organization by using a job evaluation

National Compensation Survey [10521] ?

The Employment Cost Index (ECI) component of the National Compensation Survey (NCS)

News Library: Payrolls [7784] ?

News stories on payroll benefits in the USA

Occupational Outlook Handbook [8114] ?

Descriptions of each job includes salary ranges

Passing the Fair-Pay Test: Are Your Salaries Competitive? [15472] ?

Steps to gather and interpret salary surveys

Pay Equity [26018] ?

A series of fact sheets on the wage gap issue

Payroll Articles [14449] ?

Articles regarding issues in today's world of payroll processing

Profit-Sharing Options Pros and Cons [15470] ?

The reasons for having a profit-sharing plan and key considerations

Salary Reviews [8164] ?

Recommended steps in the process

Understanding Overtime Wage Law [11105] ?

When is Overtime Due?

Unemployment Compensation [1834] ?

Information about federal unemployment insurance

US Federal Wage & Hour Division Compliance Assistance Materials [16888] ?

Assistance with US Dept of Labor federal employment laws

Wage and Hour Division, Dept of Labor Regulations [16892] ?

Full text of US Dept of Labor Employment Standards Administration wage and hour regulations

Wage Trend Indicator Report [16807] ?

Quarterly reports - expected inflation, scarcity of workers, unemployment rate, wage trend indicator

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