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Information and resource kit on creating workplace wellness programs. Profiles of corporate wellness programs of various corporations in the US. Guide for companies to control the costs associated with cardiovascular disease. Activities to promote workplace wellness. Wellness websites for employees. Small business health programs.

23 Resources
ACA Liabilities: Workplace Wellness Programs [40765] ?

In the crosshairs of the EEOC if workplace wellness programs are compulsory

Employee Wellness Center [8614] ?

A university's wellness website for its employees

Flu Prevention & Treatment Tools for the Workplace [29042] ?

Workplace-specific information related to the flu

Flu Prevention in the Workplace [29044] ?

Useful materials for the workplace

Guide to Worksite Wellness Programs [37815] ?

Presents a simple step-by-step planning process you can use to increase the success of any health promotion program

Health Fair Planning Guide [37814] ?

Provides the information and tools you need to plan, implement and evaluate a Wellness Fair

Health Promotion and Wellness [35575] ?

Materials that focus on emphasizing health behavior programs - nutrition, fitness, smoking, lifestyle management, etc

Health Promotion Library [37817] ?

Materials to create worksite wellness programs

Immunization Action Coalition [37818] ?

Vaccination Information for Healthcare Professionals

Patient Care and Health Information [23614] ?

A collection of consumer medical treatment guides

School Health Program Guidelines [11996] ?

Policies effective in promoting healthy behaviors among youth

Seasonal Flu [29048] ?

Influenza basics, prevention, flu vaccine information and more

Total Worker Health [40743] ?

Combining workplace safety and health with off-the-job safety and health

UA Life & Work Connections [36284] ?

Example of a worksite wellness program that incorporates innovative work/life programs

Wellness Health Promotion Manual [25468] ?

Manual that describes the operations of a worksite wellness program

Wellness Program Employee Fact Sheets [26221] ?

A series of fact sheets for employees designed to promote health and fitness and prevent disease

Wellness Programs and the Law [38178] ?

Employers must be cautious that when instituting a wellness program that they avoid disability and privacy issues

Wellness Programs Can Cut Chronic Illness Costs [40619] ?

Savings for Lifestyle Improvements Are Smaller

Wellness Programs Toolkits [37816] ?

Sample program materials

Worker Health, Safety, and Well-Being Programs [40744] ?

Resources on Comprehensive Worker Health, Safety, and Well-being Programs

Workplace Health Model [17008] ?

Tools and resources

Workplace Health Program Development Checklist [pdf] [18939] ?

A checklist of action items to consider to encourage healthy lifestyles

Worksite Health Promotion [3917] ?

Guidance for companies to control the costs associated with unhealthy workers by promoting health

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Training guides that simplify ergonomics concepts for the average worker

Health / Assessments
Online health self-evaluations and questionnaires

Health / Consumer Info
Health and medical resources and libraries for the general public

Health / Dental
Large number of reference materials for the dentistry profession

Health / Fitness
Guidelines on physical activity and health

Health / Hotlines
Toll-free numbers and organizations that provide health related information

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Health / Stress
Mental health stress including stress resulting from workplace conditions

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Guidance in the substance abuse treatment field

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Ultraviolet hazards from the sun

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Health effects of environmental smoke, workplace smoking rules and more

Medicine / Sports Medicine
Subjects related to sports medicine and sports science

Organizations / Health
Associations, non-profits, institutes concerned with public health

Publications / Health
Periodicals and publications on consumer health

Safety / Sports
Sports injury prevention

Safety Mgt / Behavior
Behavioral safety topics

Security / Violence
Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

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