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Fact sheets, statistical data tables, Surgeon General Reports, tips on how to quit smoking, etc. Very large number of articles, editorials, publications, press releases, etc. related to tobacco. Discussion of workplace rules regarding smoking and state laws. Respiratory health effects of passive smoking (i.e., secondhand smoke).

29 Resources
Action on Smoking and Health [1394] ?

Anti-smoking organization provides news updates related to tobacco and smoking

AK-Alaska Smoking Law [6482] ?

Guidance on the statute

ATF Tobacco Industry Programs [12805] ?

ATF collects tobacco excise taxes, issues permits, investigates trafficking of contraband tobacco

Be Tobacco Free [40368] ?

Federal and state laws and policies, health statistics, how to quit

CA-California Workplace Smoking Restrictions [15077] ?

Fact sheet summarizes provisions of Labor Code Section 6404.5 prohibiting smoking

Environmental Tobacco Smoke [5134] ?

Health effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke

Environmental Tobacco Smoke [14159] ?

Secondhand Smoke (SHS) or Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)

Environmental Tobacco Smoke in the Workplace [pdf] [14131] ?

Health effects and general recommendations for ventilation

Guide to a Tobacco-Free Workplace [37812] ?

To assist employers in creating a tobacco free policy

MD-Maryland Smoking Prohibition in the Workplace [25050] ?

Text of 09.12.23 Prohibition on Smoking in an Indoor Place of Employment

Quit Smoking Now [25322] ?

IInformation to help you or someone you care about quit smoking

Reducing Tobacco Use [25178] ?

Research on community interventions to prevent tobacco use, increase cessation and reduce exposure to second hand smoke

Secondhand Smoke Fact Sheets [23383] ?

Information on secondhand smoke exposure, health effects, and smoke-free initiatives and resources

Smoking & Pregnancy [16086] ?

Health effects of smoking while pregnant, breast feeding, etc.

Smoking Cessation Library [37820] ?

Tobacco cessation handouts, tobacco cessation posters, tobacco cessation presentations and other resources

Smoking Fact Sheets [20238] ?

Facts about tobacco/smoking in the USA

Smoking in the Workplace [2041] ?

Discussion of workplace rules regarding smoking and state laws

State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System [4510] ?

Comprehensive summary information on tobacco use in all 50 states

Stop Smoking [3456] ?

Quit smoking information for the general public

Taking Action to Reduce Tobacco Use [3854] ?

Full text of Institute of Medicine report on reducing tobacco use in the US population

Tobacco Control Act [40369] ?

Text of the US federal law gives FDA authority to regulate the manufacture, distribution and marketing of tobacco

Tobacco Control Archives Collection [563] ?

University of California San Francisco databases on tobacco control

Tobacco Control Research [19906] ?

Key initiatives and research findings related to tobacco use and control

Updated Tobacco Control: 5 Steps to Effective Cancer Control Planning [25323] ?

Information to design, implement and evaluate evidence-based cancer control programs

Tobacco Information & Prevention Source [3307] ?

Very large number of resources including a smoking and health database

Tobacco Policy and Legislation [17251] ?

Actions of the US government

Treat Tobacco [25327] ?

Evidence-based data and practical support for the treatment of tobacco dependence

Updated US Surgeon General: Tobacco Cessation Guideline [16125] ?

Techniques for treating tobacco use and dependence.

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