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Guidance in the substance abuse treatment field. Alcohol & drug abuse fact sheets. Terminology, drug/alcohol abuse symptoms, data, other statistics. Train servers to detect & prevent customer intoxication. Treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse.

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New Alcohol - Minimum Legal Drinking Age - World [40950] ?

For nearly 200 countries

Alcohol and Alcoholism [2394] ?

Guidelines on alcohol consumption, government warning labels on alcoholic containers, etc.

Updated Alcohol and Health [1649] ?

Answers to commonly asked questions about alcoholism and treatment programs

Alcohol Screening [2385] ?

Assess if you are drinking too much

Updated Alcoholism Reports, Manuals, Guides [1672] ?

Treatment, prevention and training materials for health care providers and researchers

Clinician's Guide to Helping Patients with Alcohol Problems [pdf] [1673] ?

Guide for physicians developed by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

Club Drugs [14190] ?

Education iinitiative to combat the increasing use of club drugs

Commonly Abused Prescription Drug Chart [9832] ?

A chart of the most commonly abused prescription drugs

DATIA Accreditation [1873] ?

Specimen Collector Certification & Accredited Specimen Collection Facility Program

DAWN: Drug Abuse Warning Network [3990] ?

Series of statistical reports from hospital emergency room data on substance abuse

Diagnosis and Treatment of Drug Abuse in Family Practice [2374] ?

Highlights lessons derived from 20 years of research on the diagnosis & treatment of drug abuse

DOT Alcohol & Drug Program - Recordkeeping [2388] ?

Advice for employers

Drug Facts - Substance Abuse [14189] ?

Science based facts and statistics on drug abuse and addiction in the USA

Drug Profiles [1411] ?

Identify and understand drugs and the indicators of drug use

Drug Testing in the Workplace - Legal [32748] ?

Civil liberties issues

Drug-Free Guide [2023] ?

Database of drugs, including slang terms, what the drugs look like and paraphernalia

Employers Guide to Behavioral Health Services [25375] ?

A roadmap and recommendations

Fact Sheets on Drug Abuse [2371] ?

Series of fact sheets from drug abuse statistics to drug profiles to special issues

How to Cut Down on Your Drinking [1674] ?

Online pamphlet that offers guidelines to drinkers on how to reduce their alcohol intake

Information on Drugs of Abuse [2377] ?

Although not a complete listing of all drugs of abuse, information is provided on the major ones

Inhalant Abuse [2373] ?

Facts based on recent studies on the use of inhalants by young adults in the US

Intoxication, Drugs of Abuse Testing [9828] ?

Does Positive Blood Testing, Urine Testing or Hair Testing Indicates Impairment?

Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse [19165] ?

How various drugs of abuse affect different parts of the body

MRO Resources for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs [pdf] [23431] ?

Applies to Federal agency drug testing programs that come under Executive Order 12564

NIDA Notes [2375] ?

Reports on advances in the drug abuse field, identifies resources, promotes exchange of information

Pathology of Drug Abuse [15812] ?

Medical image library showing the pathology of substance abuse

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment [3618] ?

Principles of effective drug abuse treatment

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing for the DOT Modes [11066] ?

Provides the random testing rate for drugs & alcohol for DOT

State Liquor Law Training Requirements [687] ?

State-by-state breakdown

Steroid Abuse [14188] ?

Abuse of anabolic steroids can lead to serious health problems, some of which are irreversible

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Data [5562] ?

Access to substance abuse research data

Substance Abuse Statistics [2389] ?

Fact sheets and statistics of substance abuse in the United States

TIPS [720] ?

Trains servers and sellers of alcohol to detect and prevent intoxication in their customers

US DOT: Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines [23432] ?

From US Dept of Transportation

Whitehouse Office of National Drug Control Policy [9826] ?

Development and implementation of initiatives to prevent illicit drug use

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Fleet / Substance Abuse
Guidance on DOT requirements for mandatory commercial driver drug testing

Health / Drug Free Workplace
Workplace substance abuse programs, drug policies and more

Medicine / Pharmaceuticals
Clinical resources on pharmacology

Security / Drug Crime
Crime prosecution related to substance abuse

Workers Comp / Drug Free Programs
Workers compensation discounts for establishing workplace drug-free programs

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