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Poison prevention program guidance. Guides on poisonous and toxic plants, carbon monoxide poisoning, pesticide poisoning, animal poisonings, poisoning first aid, etc.

20 Resources
American Association of Poison Control Centers [50] ?

Association of poison control centers throughout the US

Updated Carbon Monoxide Levels and Symptoms [16864] ?

Symptoms of low-level carbon monoxide poisoning are easily mistaken

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [18339] ?

How to prevent CO poisoning

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [pdf] [1313] ?

OSHA Fact Sheet on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Common Poisonous and Toxic Plants [3601] ?

The following chart lists some of the more common poisonous plants

Updated CPSC Poison Prevention Packaging Act [10559] ?

Information related to poison prevention packaging requirements

Guide - Accidental Plant Poisoning [pdf] [25100] ?

Which plants are poisonous and toxic and what to do

Household Product Database [3073] ?

Health & Safety Information on Household Products

In Case of Pesticide Poisoning [6815] ?

Recognition and management of pesticide poisonings

Mercury Hazards in Schools [12155] ?

Identify mercury sources and reduce or remove the risk of a mercury spill

National Poison Data System [1227] ?

The only comprehensive poisoning exposure surveillance database in the United States

National Poison Prevention Week [10549] ?

CPSC safety advice to prevent accidental poisonings

Poison Lookout Checklist [26904] ?

Designed for poison control within the home

Poisoning First Aid [16967] ?

Overview, symptoms, treatment from poisonings of medicine, chemicals, household products, etc.

Poisonous Plants Information Database [25101] ?

Chemistry, toxicology, diagnosis and prevention of plant poisoning

Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings [23300] ?

Pesticide poisoning handbook

Safeguards Against Carbon Monoxide Risk from Small Gasoline Engines [150] ?

Precautions to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from small gas engines in enclosed spaces

Toxicology Medical Reference Library [21641] ?

Signs, symptoms and treatment of toxic conditions

What to do for Poisoning [25443] ?

Guidelines related to the steps to take in case you think someone has been poisoned

Worker Protection Standard (WPS): Pesticide Applicator & Worker Safety [10429] ?

EPA guidance of the WPS to reduce pesticide poisonings among workers

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