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Medicare resources for consumers and beneficiaries. Consumer overview of Medicare coverages, answers to common questions, full text of the Medicare Handbook. Query database to determine the coverages provided by a specific Medicare Managed Care Plan.

20 Resources
Basics: Medicare [18053] ?

For those new to Medicare

Basics: Medicare [38408] ?

Explains Medicare benefits

Basics: Medicare - Application [38405] ?

How to apply for Medicare - learn about benefits - replace Medicare cards

Basics: Medicare - Certificates of Medical Necessity [22258] ?

Forms for wheelchairs, hospital beds, infusion pumps, etc

Basics: Medicare - Contacts [7800] ?

Lists names and phone numbers for complaints, health plan questions, etc.

Basics: Medicare - Eligibility Tool [7799] ?

Displays detailed information tailored to your specific situation

Updated Basics: Medicare - Extra Help Prescription Program [38406] ?

To qualify for the Extra Help, a person must be on Medicare, have limited income and resources

Basics: Medicare - Forms [12404] ?

Common forms used to apply for Medicare, appeals form, request for payment, etc

Basics: Medicare - Fraud Prevention [37010] ?

Learn how to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft and private companies

Basics: MyMedicare [38409] ?

Online service for accessing personalized information regarding your Medicare benefits and services

Health Insurance & Medicare [5101] ?

Understand your health insurance and Medicare options

Updated Insights: Medicare Topics [12341] ?

Reports and briefings from the US National Institutes of Health

Medicare Drug Coverage [7798] ?

Find medicare prescription drug plans in your state that match your required needs

Medicare Providers: Doctors & Healthcare Providers [7828] ?

A healthcare provider directory - physicians, physician assistants, psychologists, physical therapists, social workers

Medicare Providers: Drug Plans, Health Plans, Medigap Policies [3730] ?

All available drug and health plan choices, including Medigap Policies in your area

Medicare Providers: Home Health Care [7792] ?

Detailed information about every Medicare-certified home health agency in the country

Medicare Providers: Long-Term Care [23647] ?

What long-term care services are available, how much you can expect to pay, what financing options are available

Medicare Providers: Medical Equipment Suppliers [7795] ?

Contact information for suppliers that provide services or products under the Medicare program

Medicare Providers: Medigap Policies [37009] ?

Gives information on Medigap policies in your area

MediGAP Search [22263] ?

Search for a specific Insurance Carrier's MediGap/OCNA Number

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Claims Management / Health Claims Code Sets
DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding - Medicare payment rates

Health / CMS
Medicare information for the healthcare industry - directories, fees, contracts,

Health / Insurance
Disability insurance, health insurance, etc.

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