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Employer guides and resources for establishing a substance abuse program in the workplace - drug policies, interactive cost / benefit worksheet, employee survey, etc. Database of specimen collection sites. Variety of articles on recognizing and preventing substance abuse. State drug laws. Statistics on workplace substance abuse. Drug and Alcohol Workplace Kit.

65 Resources
Alcohol Exclusion Laws [29039] ?

Alcohol exclusion laws permit insurance companies to deny claims associated with the consumption of alcohol

Attorney's Guide to Drugs in the Workplace [pdf] [30069] ?

Covers possible legal issues that may be encountered

Campus Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Guidelines [2358] ?

To prevent substance abuse on campus

DOT Best Practices for Random Drug Testing [14252] ?

Advice for employers

DOT Drug and Alcohol Regulations [3380] ?

Regulations, guidelines, manuals, interpretations of US Dept of Transportation on substance abuse

Drug Abuse [5127] ?

Education resources & materials on drugs of abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Sample Corporate Policy [25010] ?

Fill-in-the-blank sample drug policy

Drug Free Workplace Advisor [13956] ?

Provides information to businesses about how to establish an alcohol and drug-free workplace

Drug Free Workplace Employee Education [6402] ?

A sample of the material that should be covered in an employee education session

Drug Free Workplace Kit [pdf] [399] ?

Advice for implementing drug free workplace programs

Drug Free Workplace Policy [36742] ?

Example of a drug free workplace program for public entities

Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Training [2378] ?

On the job indicators, presentation materials and more

Drug Free Workplace Technical Information [11053] ?

Statistics, use facts, overview of US federal regulations, etc related to drug use in the workplace

Drug Screening in the Workplace [12150] ?

Guidelines from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Drug Testing Advisor [2381] ?

Tutorial for employers for creating drug free workplace programs

Drug-Free Schools [22625] ?

Guidance from the US Department of Education for creating safe and drug free schools

Drug-Free Substance Abuse Policies [20394] ?

Sample policies and advice on creating a drug free workplace

Drug-Free Workplace - Supervisor Training [38782] ?

Familiarize your supervisors with all aspects of your drug-free workplace program

Drug-Free Workplace - What to Know [38778] ?

For employers and employees

Drug-Free Workplace Act [16406] ?

Requires some Federal contractors & all Federal grantees to provide drug-free workplaces

Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 [2383] ?

Affects Federal contractors and grantees

Drug-Free Workplace Advisor [6400] ?

Helps users develop complete drug-free workplace programs

Drug-Free Workplace Policy [8947] ?

Example of a university's drug-free workplace policy

Drug-Free Workplace Policy Builder [2379] ?

Developing a policy statement

Drug-Free Workplace Policy for Small Business [pdf] [23673] ?

Full text of a sample drug policy for small business

Drug-Free Workplace Policy for University Staff [21824] ?

Text of a university's drug free workplace policy

Drug-Free Workplace Program Builder [9059] ?

Designed to assist you in customizing a unique program that reflects your organization's needs

EAP Services for an Alcohol & Drug-Free Workplace [6398] ?

Employee Assistance Program services that assist USA businesses establish a drug-free workplace

Employers Guide to Workplace Substance Abuse [25376] ?

Drugs & alcohol in the workplace

Federal Drug-Free Workplace Programs [9830] ?

A comprehensive program to address illicit drug use by federal employees

FMLA & Drug-Free Workplace [38785] ?

Employers must grant 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during any 12 month period when unable to work due to health condition

Updated Health Problems Associated with Drug Use [40858] ?

Health problems that can occur with substance abuse

Institute for a Drug Free Workplace [9829] ?

Coalition of businesses dedicated to development of a drug free workplace

Listing of Certified MRO's [9793] ?

Database of MROs with MROCC certification

Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs [4013] ?

Scientific and technical guidelines for Federal drug testing programs

Updated Marijuana State Laws [40530] ?

State Medical Marijuana Laws and Civil Protections

Medical Marijuana State Law Summaries [40532] ?

Summarizes state laws related to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes

Medical Marijuana State Laws [40531] ?

Chart of State Medical Marijuana Laws

Updated Medical Marijuana State Laws . [40534] ?

Some states states have clear restrictions on an employer’s ability to discriminate against a medical marijuana user

Medical Review Officer - Role [36103] ?

Medical Review Officer (MRO) role is to review, interpret, and recommend action on the results of workplace drug tests

Methamphetamine in the Workplace [38781] ?

Employers can take steps to protect themselves and their workers against its negative consequences in the workplace

MT-Montana: Employer's Guide to Drug Testing [39520] ?

A manual to help educate employers

National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance [11052] ?

Works to support drug-free workplace efforts by providing drug-free workplace services

OH-Ohio Drug-Free Workforce Policy Kit [9798] ?

Kit with guidelines, sample policy, checklist, consent forms, etc.

OH-Ohio Drug-Free Workplace Policy Template [pdf] [1912] ?

A sample employer drug free workplace policy and procedures produced by the State of Ohio

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing Standards [pdf] [11054] ?

What constitutes reasonable suspicion in order to require drug testing of an employee

SAMHSA Certified Labs [2759] ?

For drug testing

Sample Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy [pdf] [36396] ?

For general business drug-free workplace policy

Sample Drug Testing Consent Form [11118] ?

Form for employee to sign to consent to drug testing

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12383] ?

Example of a sample substance abuse program and guidance

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12217] ?

Example of an employer substance abuse policy

State Medical Marijuana Laws [40533] ?

A summary

Substance Abuse - Employee Education [38779] ?

About addiction and the workplace

Substance Abuse Policy Model [19151] ?

Model policy you can adapt to your needs

Substance Abuse Program Builder [20393] ?

Series of documents supporting the establishment of a drug free workplace

The Effects of Substance Use on Workplace Injuries [pdf] [29038] ?

Research paper investigates the impact of substance abuse on occupational injuries

Tips for Drug Program Managers [12359] ?

Learn the 5 Cs of Drug Testing

Training Lesson: Substance Abuse in the Work Place [1935] ?

Full text of an instructor's guide for conducting training on substance abuse in the workplace

TX-Texas Drug Testing in the Workplace [38784] ?

Under Texas federal laws, there is almost no limitation at all on the right of private employers to adopt drug testing

US Air Force ADAPT Program [pdf] [13926] ?

Guidance for the identification, treatment and management of personnel with substance use disorders

What Every Employer Should Know about Drug Testing in the Workplace [27311] ?

Here are some considerations to help you create a drug policy

Workplace Drug Testing [38780] ?

The basics

Workplace Substance Use [38777] ?

How substance abuse impacts the workplace

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