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Online questionnaires designed to assess each person's current state of health, personal and family health history.

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BMI Calculator [10129] ?

Online calculator calculates your body fat

Updated Body Mass Index [25104] ?

Tools for calculating BMI

Body Weight and BMI Calculator [30411] ?

For weight loss assistance

Breast Cancer [29377] ?

Fact sheets on the subject

Diabetes Risk [27509] ?

Information to assess your current risk for diabetes

Disease Risk Index [27510] ?

Risk calculator for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke

Fitness Calculators [10128] ?

Online calculators compare your fitness level & health status to others your age & sex

Health Surveys [1925] ?

Series of health self-assessment surveys

Heart Attack Risk Calculator [40823] ?

Do you know your risk for a heart attack?

How Old is Your Heart? [40824] ?

Did you know your heart age could be older than your age?

Nutrition and Athletic Peformance [16971] ?

Reference information for athletes

Stroke Risk Calculator [40822] ?

Do you know your Stroke Risk?

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