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Professional Guides

The Professional Guides index all of our categories and resources into specific professions. Each profession includes industry topics such as: Claims Mgt, Company Research, Discussion Groups, Software, Education, Info Technology, Insurance, Legal, News, Research, Seminars, Government Laws, Statistics, Tutorials.

Business Manager

Resources across all categories of the rmLibrary that specifically address topics relevant to Business Management are included in this guide.

No matter how large or small an organization may be - the rmLibrary brings together on-line information and tools from the worlds of government, business and nonprofits to help you run a successful operation.

Claims & Injury Managers

This guide was designed to provide claims, risk management and safety information needed by today's claims professionals.

Claims adjusters/managers and injury management specialists continually find they have overlapping information needs related to BI-bodily injury and PD-property damage aspects of their claims that relate to property, casualty and workers compensation insurance coverages.

Technical and regulatory compliance materials cover a wide range of topics including property, casualty, fleet, environmental, professional liability, workers compensation, surety, fidelity and much more.

Human Resources Manager

The resources included in the rmLibrary that specifically address information relevant to Human Resource Management are grouped by HR topic areas.

Professionals in human resource management have challenging informational needs related to employee compensation and benefits, labor regulatory requirements, fair employment practices, human resource development and training, workplace health, safety and security and more. Libraries and Directories Inc (LAD) has created an easy-access on-line library system to meet these needs.

Industry Guides

While most resources in the library are directly and universally applicable to risk management and safety issues across all industries, here are specific examples of topics by industry grouping.

Occupational Medicine

This guide is designed to identify the topics and resources of particular interest to those in the field of Occupational Medicine.

Doctors, nurses and professionals involved in occupational medicine must combine their medical talents and knowledge with an ability to understand and respond to environmental and workplace safety and health requirements.

Libraries and Directories Inc (LAD) has responded to this challenge by creating on-line resource libraries that create easy access to a variety of databases, templates, tutorials and tools that can assist in their day-to-day informational requirements.

Property Manager

This guide groups resources by topics of specific interest to Property Management.

The property / facilities management professions encompass multiple disciplines due to their building operational oversight responsibilities. We understand the breadth of these informational needs, legislative and technical resource materials are available on issues of major importance to these professionals.

These topics range from all types of disaster recovery and disaster planning, various risks posed by on site chemicals and poor air quality, OSHA compliance, fire safety and security issues.

Risk Manager

This guide contains topics as they specifically relate to the risk manager and the corporate risk management function.

Risk manager's responsibilities cover a wide variety of topics that span organizational lines, and solutions often need to be implemented in multiple areas of the organization to be effective.

The rmLibrary brings together the topics from the worlds of government, business and nonprofits so risk managers and their staffs can identify issues, find solutions, design strategies to achieve their objectives and communicate them effectively to the rest of their organizations.

The rmLibrary together with the other LAD Libraries, rmDirectory, Group Gateways and online tools from the rmToolshed provide a communication vehicle for the identification, coordination and implementation of organizational wide solutions never before available to risk managers.

Safety Director

This guide was designed to bring together the safety information in our library to providing hands-on access to the myriad information needs of today's Corporate Safety professionals and insurance Loss Control departments.

Technical materials and templates cover a wide range of topics to assist in finding solutions to workplace hazard controls, regulatory compliance, safety training and injury reduction goals.

Libraries and Directories Inc (LAD) helps safety managers with their day-to-day information needs by constantly adding new materials and deleting obsolete ones so that the most current and readily available information is available at their finger tips.

With group subscriptions to the rmLibrary these resources can be shared among the management and administrative staffs or home office and the field. Multiple locations and various organizational units can be informed and projects and priorities can be coordinated through the use of other LAD Products and Services.

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