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Resources for credit and collections professionals

Collection Calls [17701] ?

Advice on collection strategies

Updated Credit & Collections [17725] ?

Online resource for credit and collections professionals

Credit Administration [17706] ?

A Self-Examination of Your Credit and Accounts Receivable Operation

Debt Collection Agency Advice [27862] ?

How to Choose a Collection Agency

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act [21650] ?

A discussion of the act's requirements

Company Profiles

Internet databases for researching information on specific American companies

Zacks Research Center [10412] ?

Obtain investment information on companies

Corporate Governance

Documents related to the issues of corporate governance and shareholder actions

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board - Standards [36320] ?

PCAOB standards and related rules

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board - Standards Guidance [36321] ?

Staff guidance sets forth the staff's views on issues related to the implementation of the standards of the Board

Customer Relations

Effective customer relations, complaint handling, customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Surveys [11120] ?

Customer satisfaction surveys designed to help you gather important information


Principles and practices related to quality management

ISO Quality Standards FAQ [36689] ?

Answers to frequently asked questions

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