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Model letters, contracts, policies, forms, templates. Small Business Handbook. Free software. Guidelines for business planning, marketing, management, etc. Information on employee benefits, employment laws, finance, workplace safety, etc. for small business.

32 Resources
Avoiding Bad Checks [11802] ?

Advice for retailers

Building Your Business - Growth Strategies [13623] ?

How to plan for growth

Updated Business Credit [11799] ?

Understanding corporate credit

Business Guides by Industry [38860] ?

For help in complying with US federal laws and regulations applicable to specific industries

Business Structure Basics [18494] ?

Basic business fundamentals for small business

Communicating with Prospective Clients [12503] ?

Guidelines when meeting with a prospective client

Credit Scoring Models [pdf] [11800] ?

Guidance on the subject

Employment Law Guide [3969] ?

Describes the statutes and regulations administered by the Department of Labor (DOL)

EPA Small Business Compliance [3723] ?

EPA environmental information and contacts for small businesses

Financing a Small Business [17700] ?

Guidance on many aspects of small business finance

Idea Site [9572] ?

Marketing ideas for small business

Legal: Advertising and Marketing Standards [2615] ?

Guidance from the Federal Trade Commission

Legal: Keeping Your Contracts Simple & Enforceable [3474] ?

A valid contract requires two elements

Legal: Taking Orders Through the Mail or Telephone Order [4471] ?

Outlines FTC requirements regarding mail/telephone order merchandise

Legal: Writing Readable Warranties [11794] ?

The basics about warranties

Manage Your Receivables and Collections [12943] ?

Tips to Guide Entrepreneurs For Managing Accounts Payable & Receivable

OSHA Small Business [4939] ?

Support materials and information for small business from OSHA

SBA Size Standards [17577] ?

The maximum size that a firm may be to participate in federal government programs for small biz

SEC & Small Business [14943] ?

Small business information from the SEC

Small Business & the SEC [4505] ?

Resources and information for small business to comply with US federal securities laws

Small Business - Strategy and Tactics [13241] ?

Management tips for small business

Updated Small Business Disaster Toolkit [13689] ?

Disaster planning advice

Small Business Opportunities in Federal Procurement [13619] ?

Provides a general understanding of the procurement process used by the federal government

Small Business Planner [3002] ?

Information and resources that assists at any stage of the business lifecycle

Small Business Primer [12494] ?

Information and resources on getting started

Small Business Resources [23642] ?

Guidance on business plans, financing, online presence and more

Small Business Training [13617] ?

SBA's business management training resources

Starting a Business [15732] ?

Guide on starting a business

Starting A Business [1207] ?

Advice for small business

Tips for Minimizing Losses Due to Customers' Bankruptcies [11795] ?

Tips on how to make sure you get paid for your products and services

US EPA Office of Small Business Programs [12377] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency office related to small business needs

Updated US Federal Government Brochures for Small Business [2832] ?

Variety of online articles, guides, and resources from the US federal government for small business

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