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Practices related to productivity and quality management. TQM principles.

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15 Principles of Good Product Development [34128] ?

A Total Quality Management approach to product development

Deming Philosopy [34126] ?

Key principles

Deming's Point #14 [35398] ?

Take action to accomplish the transformation

Deming’s 14 Points [34125] ?

An overview

ISO Quality Standards FAQ [36689] ?

Answers to frequently asked questions

TQM - 8 Elements [34123] ?

The basics related to Total Quality Management

TQM Glossary [34124] ?

A dictionary of Total Quality Management terminology

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Environment / ISO 14000
Overviews of ISO 14000 standards on environmental management

General Business / Best Practices
Handbooks on more than 2,000 Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP). Benchmarking.

General Business / ISO 9000
Info on development, content & application of ISO 9000 standards to quality mgt

Organizations / Quality
Associations, non-profits, institutes concerned with quality issues

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