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Retirement plan basics. Q&A on pension, profit-sharing, ESOP and other kinds of tax-qualified retirement plans. Online access to the full text of IRS Publication 560, Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed and IRS Publication 590, Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs). Handbook on private sector plans where a trustee invests the plan's assets.

48 Resources
Updated 401(k) Plan Fees - Employees [pdf] [3504] ?

Ask the right questions to better understand and evaluate the fees and expenses related to your plan

Updated 401(k) Plans for Small Businesses [pdf] [5110] ?

Provides basic information about 401k plans and how they work

401(k) Plans Q&A [8509] ?

Information on 401(k)s

America Benefits Council [8047] ?

Advocate of employer-sponsored benefit programs in Washington, DC.

Defined Benefit Pensions [pdf] [2834] ?

Explanation of traditional defined benefit pension plans insured by PBGC

Defined-Benefit Plans - Highlights [6103] ?

Basics of these pension plans

Updated EBSA Publications [5105] ?

Pension documents from the US DOL

EFAST [13591] ?

ERISA Filing Acceptance System - EFAST

Employee Benefits - FAQ [8062] ?

Includes pension benefit fundamentals

Updated ERISA Reporting Forms [13590] ?

Download Financial Form 5500 series and schedules

ERISA Section 4044 Mortality Rate Tables [29849] ?

Used to determine the present value of annuities in involuntary and distress terminations of single-employer plans

Final Rules on Disclosure of Pension Plan Blackout Periods [pdf] [22691] ?

Supersede interim final rules issued by the department on Oct. 21, 2002

IRS - Correcting Pension Plan Errors [8506] ?

Correcting Qualification Problems

IRS Employee Plan News [5108] ?

A periodic newsletter with retirement plan information for retirement plan practitioners

IRS Forms and Publications on Retirement Plans [5102] ?

Basic pension plan guidance for employers, plan participants and others

IRS Retirement Plan Administration [11065] ?

Ensures that your retirement plans contain the right provisions for IRS tax benefits

IRS Retirement Plan Forms [13375] ?

Obtain the IRS instructions and forms related to pension plans

IRS Small Business Retirement Plans [5107] ?

How to start, operate or teminate your retirement plan

IRS Tax Information for the Benefits Practitioner [4468] ?

Retirement plan tax guidance, FAQs, CPEs and more

IRS Topic 410 Pensions and Annuities [5230] ?

Fact sheet regarding pension taxability

myRA [40928] ?

A starter retirement savings account from the United States Department of the Treasury

PBGC 4010 Filing Requirements [5111] ?

Requires certain underfunded plans to report identifying, financial and actuarial information to the PBGC

PBGC Disaster Relief Announcements [29848] ?

Provides guidance for disaster relief to plan administrators and sponsors

PBGC Forms [28185] ?

Download forms and instructions for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

PBGC Immediate and Deferred Annuities Interest Rates [29840] ?

Valuing immediate and deferred annuities

PBGC Late Premium Payments Interest Rates [29839] ?

Applied to underpayments and overpayments

PBGC Lump Sum Interest Rates [29841] ?

Valuing lump sums

PBGC Online Premium Filing [29837] ?

Ways to submit a premium filing electronically

PBGC Overdue Interest Rate [29838] ?

Overdue or defaulted withdrawal liability interest rates

PBGC Pension Plan Terminations [5112] ?

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) requirements on pension plan terminations

PBGC Premium Complaince Evaluation [29845] ?

To help ensure that plans comply with PBGC premium regulations and pay the appropriate premium

PBGC Premium Filing Due Dates [29844] ?

Table of the due dates and explanations

PBGC Premium Forms [29843] ?

Download forms - access instructions for forms

PBGC Publications [1797] ?

US government publications related to requirements to protect American worker pensions

PBGC Qualified Domestic Relations Orders [29847] ?

QDROs submitted to PBGC after PBGC becomes trustee of a terminated pension plan

PBGC Requirements for Practitioners [5113] ?

Interest rates, premium filings, laws, regulations, reporting, statistics and more

PBGC Variable Rate Interest Rates [29842] ?

Used to value vested benefits for variable rate premium purposes

PBGC: Appeals Board Decisions [29835] ?

Three-member decisions issued since October 1, 2002

PBGC: Find Your Pension Plan [29834] ?

Find information on pension plans trusteed by PBGC

Pension and Retirement Benefits [5104] ?

Private sector plans where a trustee invests the plan's assets

Pension and Retirement Plan Tools and Tips [5109] ?

Provides tools (IRS series 5500 forms) & practical applications (checklists, tips)

Pension Rights Center [2833] ?

Get the facts. Learn the issues.

Pension Search Directory - Missing Participants [6615] ?

Database of workers who have earned a pension benefit but may not know it

Premium Final Rule - Large Plan Flat Rate Premium [pdf] [40584] ?

Moves the flat rate premium due rate for large plans to the same as the variable rate due date - annual payment

Railroad Retirement Q&A: Stop, Look & Listen [8505] ?

Answers to common questions about railroad retirement

Roth IRA [13076] ?

Technical and planning information on Roth IRAs to practitioners and consumers.

Types of Retirement Plans [8507] ?

Information on IRA and 401(k) plans

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