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Risk facts for nonprofits, EPLI coverage for nonprofits, answers to liability questions related to nonprofits, legal issues for nonprofits.

24 Resources
Accounting Standards & Government Regulations For Non-Profits [6054] ?

Guidance on accounting requirements for nonprofits

Chronicle of Philanthropy [14589] ?

News for nonprofits

Fundraising Basics [15370] ?

For the beginner

Grants: Elements of a Grant Proposal [10123] ?

Guidance on how to write a grant proposal

Grants: Writing a Successful Grant Proposal [10402] ?

What to include in a grant proposal

Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning [9817] ?

Focused on the facilitation of strategic planning

GuideStar [13983] ?

A searchable database of more than 700,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States

IRS Database of Tax Exempt Organizations [20183] ?

Intended to assist you in learning if an organization is exempt from federal taxation

IRS Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements [17878] ?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning public disclosure requirements

IRS Tax Information for Charities & Non-Profits [15358] ?

What You Need to Know if Your Organization Plans to Apply for Tax Exemption

Management Library [12031] ?

Resources for Nonprofit and For-Profit Businesses

National Center for Charitable Statistics [12349] ?

NCCS provides data on nonprofit organization activities

Nonprofit Accounting Basics [17829] ?

Accounting 101 for nonprofits

NonProfit Times [12027] ?

Monthly business publication for nonprofit management

Nonprofits Board [896] ?

A guide to nonprofit board service

OMB Circulars: Educational and Non-Profit Institutions Documents [15373] ?

Full text of Office of Management & Budget circulars related to non-profts

Outlawed: Charitable Split-Dollar Life Insurance [15641] ?

Charity cannot pay the life insurance premiums without paying a 100% excise tax

Planning and Running Your Program [12051] ?

National CASA's program materials

State Liability Laws for Charitable Organizations and Volunteers [pdf] [19509] ?

Good Samaritan Laws. Volunteer Protection. Volunteer Immunity. Liability Limitation. Shield Laws. Charitable Immunity.

Updated The Foundation Center [13673] ?

An independent nonprofit information clearinghouse on the funding research process

Think Tank Primer [12327] ?

Covers planning, operations, fundraising, marketing and relationship building

US Government Auding Standards [15357] ?

Text of the Yellow Book prescribes general standards for conducting financial & performance audits

Volunteer Management Practices and Retention [25192] ?

How to retain volunteers

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