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Business ethics. Abstracts of selected Gallup reports. Hot topics. Political news. Union positions. Database access to state policies versus US federal policies. Results of American Management Association surveys of American business. US employment policies. Privitization.

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Updated Cato Institute Publications Library [2831] ?

Publications discussing current issues and supporting free-market economic policy ideas

Competitive Enterprise Institute [15457] ?

A Washington think tank devoted to the principles of free enterprise & limited government

FDIC Banking Review [14930] ?

Quarterly publication provides original research on issues related to banking & deposit insurance

Health Affairs [18655] ?

Focus on leading-edge issues that inform and shape current health policy debates

National Center for Policy Analysis [999] ?

A nonprofit public policy research institute

National Consumers League [13820] ?

Nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues

Privatization and Contracting Out [2890] ?

A series of articles on the shortcomings

Public Interest Research Groups [13819] ?

Consumer, environmental, student, and democracy issues

Public Safety [13744] ?

Founded by Ralph Nader - consumer watch group

Resources for the Future [14907] ?

Think tank on environmental and natural resource issues

The Business Roundtable [12201] ?

An association of CEO's committed to improving public policy

The Urban Institute [12339] ?

Investigates social and economic problems confronting the USA and analyzes efforts to solve these

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