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Self-assessment questionnaire. Full text of an internal audit guide used by a major university. Information on risk assessment and internal control design. Issues and answers to risk control. Outsourcing, chief auditing executive checklist, whistleblowing, etc.

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Audit Committee Checklist [6137] ?

Questions to Ask and Items to Review

Auditors and Risk Management [23862] ?

What auditors believe, how they work, where their weaknesses are, and what they contribute

Control Self-Assessment Questionnaire [26546] ?

Example of a process used by a major university

Guide to Internal Controls - GAO [pdf] [2841] ?

An internal control management and evaluation tool

IFRS Primer for Audit Committees [pdf] [11878] ?

It is reasonable to believe the SEC may require adoption of IFRS

Internal Controls Checklist [6134] ?

AICPA checklist for internal controls

Internal Controls: Audit Committees Effectiveness [24216] ?

Guidance and tools to make audit committee best practices actionable

Managment Override of Internal Controls [pdf] [11881] ?

Addressing the risk of fraud through management override of internal control over financial reporting

Nonprofit Audit Committee - External Audit [pdf] [27403] ?

Advice to assist not for profit audit committees in obtaining an external audit

SOX CSA Assessment Questions, Risks, Policies and Procedures [pdf] [6135] ?

CSA is a generic term that covers risk self--assessment (RSA), control and risk self-assessment (CRSA)

The Institute of Internal Auditors [6132] ?

Professional association of internal auditors - certification body

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Insurance fraud, lawyer fraud, red flags, etc.

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Full text of bank examiner and financial audit guides

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Employee dishonesty insurance and risk management

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