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Beyster Institute [36792] ?

Promotes employee ownership as a responsible business model

Employee Ownership and Participation [2329] ?

Experts provide insights on topics related to ESOPs

Employee Ownership Articles [1815] ?

On ESOPs - Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Employee Ownership in the United States [36779] ?

Focus on the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, Model

Employee-Owned S Corporations of America [36777] ?

The Voice of Subchapter S ESOPs in the Nation's Capital

ESOP - What is it? [8472] ?

Employee Stock Ownership Plans advice

ESOP Statistics [36780] ?

A fact sheet

ESOP Valuation Issues [36782] ?

A Q&A for CEO's contemplating ESOP formation

Foundation for Enterprise Development [36793] ?

Promotes the concept of broad-based, participative employee ownership and entrepreneurism

How to Establish an ESOP [36783] ?

Information on Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

IRS: Employee Stock Ownership Plans [36784] ?

Information from the US IRS regarding taxation and ESOPs

Ohio Employee Ownership Council [36781] ?

Promotes employee-owned business in the State of Ohio

Ownership for All Blog [36775] ?

Blog on US Senate bills to promote ESOPs

Statistical Profile of Employee Ownership [36776] ?

Estimated Number of Plans and Employees; Value of Plan Assets - March, 2010

Worker Cooperative - NCBA [36790] ?

National Cooperative Business Assocation - for co-ops in all sectors of the economy

Worker Cooperative - Steps to Starting [36787] ?

A guide to creating a worker co-op

Updated Worker Cooperative - Technology Freelancers [pdf] [36788] ?

A technology free-lancer's guide to starting a worker co-op

Worker Cooperative - UW Center for Cooperatives [36791] ?

Pursues a research, educational, and outreach agenda that examines cooperative issues

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