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Full text of a customer service plan. Evaluating your company for its strengths and weaknesses in promoting customer satisfaction. How to handle persistent complainers. How to measure customer satisfaction. Reengineering for customer satisfaction in service industries.

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Creating a Refund Policy [11803] ?

Budgeting for unhappy customers

CRM Guru [13609] ?

Resources on customer relationship management topics

Customer Satisfaction Survey Form [11120] ?

A sample customer satisfaction survey form designed to help you gather important information

Customer Service Guarantees [15465] ?

Structuring Your Service Guarantee

Letters to Customers [18293] ?

Templates of letters to send to customers

Nine Rules for a Successful Customer Service Operation [38254] ?

Some basic rules for the operation of a successful customer service function

Sample Size Calculator & Confidence Interval [15801] ?

Calculator helps you determine sample size needed

What's Missing in Your Service? [9556] ?

Customer-focused objectives

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