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Best practices and key metrics to core functions within the finance function. Solutions for more than 2,000 best practices in manufacturing. Credit & accounts receivable benchmarks. Software on best practices in manufacturing. Articles, white papers and resources on benchmarking.

9 Resources
Best Manufacturing Practices Database [2732] ?

Database of Best Practices submitted by industries

Best Practices Guideline Documents [2730] ?

Best practices guidelines for a variety of manufacturing processes

Updated Best Practices in Business Resiliency Management [pdf] [37833] ?

Focus is on more than just disaster recovery

Best-kept Wecrets of the World's Best Companies [37835] ?

25 tricks of the trade

Best/Worst States for Business [37836] ?

CEO's grade the states

Chief Executive [37834] ?

Articles for business executives

Industry Week's 50 Best Managed Companies [5727] ?

Profiles of the best managed companies as determined by Industry Week

Industry Week: America's Best Plants [8092] ?

Best Practices from IndustryWeek's Best Plants

Program Managers Workstation [2729] ?

Software on best practices in manufacturing - either download or run online

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Environment / ISO 14000
Overviews of ISO 14000 standards on environmental management

General Business / ISO 9000
Info on development, content & application of ISO 9000 standards to quality mgt

General Business / Quality
Principles and practices related to quality management

Organizations / Quality
Associations, non-profits, institutes concerned with quality issues

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