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Databases on vehicle crashworthiness. Information on vehicle and equipment safety. Obtain vehicle recall information from the recall database by entering make, model & year.

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2012 Report on Recent Improvements in Vehicle Safety [pdf] [40334] ?

Likelihood of crashing had decreased with newer model vehicles

ABS - Antilock Braking Systems [13733] ?

Questions and answers regarding ABS

Auto Safety and Crashworthiness [9192] ?

Key facts, current developments and background information on vehicle safety

Child Passenger Safety [17355] ?

CDC recommendations regarding child safety seats

Child Passenger Safety [18315] ?

Proper child safety seat use and much more

Consumers & Vehicle Safety [24861] ?

A series of articles for consumers related to topics such as airbags, crash tests, anti-theft systems, etc.

DOT Office of Defects Investigation Complaints [9945] ?

Report your complaint regarding vehicle defects

Emergency Kit for Your Car [27649] ?

Items to Have on Hand for Unexpected Events

EPA Vehicle Air Pollution Ratings [13725] ?

Database helps you evaluate the pollution ratings of vehicles from 1985 to the present

Updated Green Vehicle Guide [21130] ?

Use this guide to choose the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs

How to Adjust Car Head Restraints [27648] ?

Set it no lower than your ears

Impact of Legislation, Enforcement, and Sanctions on Safety Belt Use [pdf] [33066] ?

Effectiveness of mandatory approaches to increase safety belt usage.

Updated NHTSA Defects Investigation Database [9123] ?

Information on active defect investigations, defect petitions, recall petitions & civil penalties

Updated Physics of Seat Belts [39] ?

Understanding seat belt safety

Roof Strength and Injury Risk in Rollover Crashes [pdf] [33463] ?

Research report on link between roof strength and protecting people in rollover crashes.

Safety Belt Use [19506] ?

Facts about seat belt use, including an overview of state laws

Safety In and Around Cars [14553] ?

Tips for consumers on trunk entrapment, car seat safety, driveway safety, etc

Seat Belt Usage [18797] ?

A few reasons why drivers should always wear their seat belt

Slow-Moving Vehicle Safety [6715] ?

Safety tips

Technology Trends & Risk Control [16692] ?

Modern onboard and electronic technology creates a tremendous amount of information that can benefit

Tire Safety [16499] ?

Advice for consumers

Traffic Safety & Occupant Protection [876] ?

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents on occupant protection

Underinflated Tires [pdf] [13728] ?

Many U.S. Passenger Vehicles Are Driven on Under-inflated Tires NHTSA Research Survey Shows

Vehicle & Equipment Information [814] ?

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration information on vehicle and equipment safety

Vehicle Recalls, Safety Problems & Issues [3213] ?

Access to databases related to vehicle recalls, defect investigations, technical bulletins, etc.

VINCheck [29072] ?

Determine if a vehicle has been reported as stolen or a salvage vehicle

Younger Drivers and Sport Utility Vehicles [9160] ?

The facts on safety and road hazard for sport utility vehicles driven by ages 16-24 yrs

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Fleet / Airbags
Fact sheets on air bags

Fleet / Crash Tests
Vehicle crash data for the USA, Australia, Europe & Japan

Fleet / Maintenance
Guidance & checklists for vehicle preventive maintenance procedures

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