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State highway truck maps, designated truck routes, restricted routes, etc

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AR-Arkansas State Road Weight Restrictions Map [33256] ?

Maximum or posted weight limits are subject to change without notice

CA-California Pilot Car Maps [33252] ?

Also includes STAA Pilot Car Maps

CA-California Truck Route Access [33250] ?

Truck route classifications, service access routes, restrictions, terminal access procedures, etc

DE-Delaware Restricted Routes [33260] ?

Applies to all oversize and/or overweight loads up to 120,000 GVW

ID - Idaho Truck Restrictions Route Map [33299] ?

Interactive map of restricted routes, truck ramps and closures in Idaho.

IL-Illinois Designated Truck Route Map [33227] ?

A mapping system of Illinois Designated Route System

IL-Illinois Restricted Routes, Designated Truck Routes, Vertical Clearances [33226] ?

Lists of closed-no permits routes, holiday restrictions, load weight structures and much more

KY-Kentucky Truck Weight Maps [33229] ?

Includes statewide and urban area maps

MD - Maryland Route Restrictions [pdf] [33304] ?

List of interstate, US and state highway restrictions.

MN - Minnesota Width of Roadway & Bridge Deficiency Map [pdf] [33460] ?

Statewide, region and Twin Cities maps.

MS - Mississippi Legal Truck Size, Weight, Load Limits [33408] ?

A guide for Mississippi highways

MS - Mississippi Posted Bridges Map [33410] ?

Map of bridges

NYC - New York City Truck Routing [33300] ?

Information and map on truck routes through the boroughs.

OH - Ohio Closed and Restricted Routes [33470] ?

List of closed and restricted routes for highway construction.

OH - Ohio Difficult Routings [33471] ?

List of routing problems with solutions for special hauling permits.

OR - Oregon Special Highway Restrictions [33301] ?

Road and bridge restrictions, and truck size and weight.

SD - South Dakota Bridge Information [33472] ?

Vertical clearance list and bridge weight limit map.

WA - Washington Bridge Restrictions for Oversize/Overweight Motor Vehicles [33459] ?

Bridges where permits are required for over-legal loads.

WI-Wisconsin Truck Operator Map [33228] ?

Map of truck routes in Wisconsin

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