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7-day trip permit and 7-day fuel permit. Hazardous materials endorsement. Full-fee registration information. Links to US State permit information. There are fees administered by the states to obtain the permits.

41 Resources
AR - Arkansas Trucking Permits Information [32999] ?

Information for IRP and IFTA and motor fuel tax.

AZ - Arizona Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Services [33023] ?

Commercial permits, maintenance permits, port of entry, etc.

AZ - Arizona Commercial Vehicle Permits [33039] ?

30-day general use and other commercial vehicle permits.

Updated CA - California Motor Carrier Permit Information [33002] ?

Overview of MCP and guidance to complete forms.

CA-California Transportation Permits [33251] ?

Special permits for the movement of vehicles/loads exceeding statutory limitations

CA-California Transportation Permits Manual [33253] ?

The text of the manual

CO - Colorado Truck Permits [33021] ?

State requirements

CT - Connecticut Commercial Vehicle Information [33024] ?

IRP, trip permits, oversize/overweight permits, hazmat permits, etc.

CT-Connecticut Highway Permits [33258] ?

Restrictions, application forms, regulations and statutes

DE-Delaware Oversize/Overweight Hauling Permit Manual [pdf] [33261] ?

A policy and procedures manual for State hauling permits

Updated FL-Florida Road Permits [33263] ?

A web-based permit application system

IA - Iowa Commercial Motor Carriers Services [33026] ?

IFTA and IRP manuals and publications, permit forms, etc.

ID - Idaho Commercial Vehicle Services [33027] ?

Ports of entry, permits, motor carrier information.

IL - Illinois Commercial and Farm Truck Forms [33028] ?

IRP, mileage weight tax forms and more.

IN - Indiana Motor Carrier Services [33029] ?

IRP, oversize/overweight,and IFTA/MCFT forms and publications

IRP Jurisdiction and Trip Permits [33055] ?

Chart of cost and duration of trip permits by US state and Canadian province.

KS - Kansas Motor Carrier Services Information [33051] ?

Forms and publications for motor carriers in Kansas.

Updated KY - Kentucky Motor Carriers Forms and Applications [33030] ?

Permits, IRP, overweight and tax related forms.

LA - Louisiana Truck Permit Information [33032] ?

Truck permits for weights and standards information.

MD - Maryland Hauling Permit Information [33053] ?

Information on permit fees, weight/height restrictions, and the motor carrier handbook.

ME - Maine Motor Carrier Services [33048] ?

Overlimit permits, truck registration, and Maine motor carrier manual.

MN - Minnesota Seasonal Load Limits [33305] ?

Map of winter and spring load restrictions and middle-range and full-summer overweight permits.

MS - Mississippi Truck Permit Information [33056] ?

Single trip permits, harvest permits, unified carrier registration and blanket permits.

Updated NM - New Mexico Trucking Permit Information [33042] ?

Oversize permit applications

OH - Ohio Special Hauling Permit Information [33076] ?

Information on permit types, fees, forms, etc.

OK - Oklahoma Permit Information [33103] ?

IFTA and IRP, trip permits, fuel permits and maximum gross weights.

OR - Oregon Trucking Forms [33104] ?

Taxes and fees forms, registration forms, and over-dimension forms.

SC - South Carolina Motor Carrier Information [33078] ?

IRP, IFTA, and hazmat information.

SD - South Dakota Motor Carrier Handbook [33082] ?

Full text of handbook.

SD - South Dakota Permitting [33081] ?

Apply for permits online and download the user manual.

TN - Tennessee Permit Information [33106] ?

Overweight and overdimensional permit contact information.

TX - Texas Motor Carrier Information [33105] ?

Registration and trucking permits forms and payment information.

UT - Utah Motor Carrier Permits and Forms [33107] ?

FTA/IRP and permit applications, fuel taxes and online permitting system.

Updated VA - Virginia Motor Carrier Services [33113] ?

Size and weight information, IFTA, FAQs, and forms.

VT - Vermont Commercial Trucking Information [33112] ?

Forms, IFTA, IRP, fuel tax and truck permitting rules.

WA - Washington Special Motor Vehicle Permits [33111] ?

Information on application and fees for trip, fuel and other permits.

WI - Wisconsin Motor Carriers and Trucking Information [33110] ?

Motor carrier forms and fees, trip permits, oversize and overweight permits,

WV - West Virginia Hauling Permits [33109] ?

Information on hauling permits.

WY - Wyoming Motor Carrier Information [33108] ?

Text of the regulations

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