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Online study guide for student drivers. Advice on training and education for physically challenged drivers. Graduated licensing. Full text of skill standards and curriculum standards for entry level truck-trailer driving training course. Online quizzes on various traffic safety topics. Sample driver tests.

25 Resources
AARP Driver Safety [10511] ?

Training for motorists age 50 and older

CDL Prep Tests [11652] ?

A series of online tests to assist in preparing for the CDL

Defensive Driving Course [12525] ?

National Safety Council DDC course information

DMV Permit Practice Test [40047] ?

By state

DMV Permit Test Cheat Sheet [40048] ?

Steps you should follow to pass the test

Driving Safely Booklet [pdf] [13973] ?

Learn about handling hazardous driving situations

Driving Skills for Life [5649] ?

A learning module with materials for educators

Driving Test Checklist [40046] ?

List of driving practices and rules you will be judged in the actual driving test (non-CDL)

Driving Training Materials [14579] ?

Download driver safety training pamphlets

Updated European Road Signs and Signals [16930] ?

Set of standardized road signs used all over Europe

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Training Materials [35813] ?

Educate your office staff and drivers regarding the U.S. safety regulations and help promote safety on the road

Low-Water Crossings [pdf] [15206] ?

Remember the following critical points

Merging Collisions are Preventable Factsheet [pdf] [25934] ?

Drivers should follow these precautions

Novice Driving Education: Model Curriculum Outline [pdf] [5652] ?

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's recommendations for new driving training

Online Study Guide for Student Drivers [5691] ?

Designed to enhance understanding of Rules of the Road & includes an online test

Rail Safety for Educators [3077] ?

General rail safety information for drivers and pedestrian safety training

Safe Vehicle Backing [pdf] [25918] ?

Safety tips when backing your vehicle

Snowfighters Handbook [12182] ?

Best practices of winter maintenance for salting highways

Test Drive: Samples of Driver Tests - California [6193] ?

Online sample tests for commercial drivers, regular drivers & motorcycle drivers

Test Your Traffic Safety Acumen [3011] ?

Online quizzes on various traffic safety topics - drowsy driving quiz, drivers age 55+ quiz

Training Program for the Palletized Load System [19015] ?

Includes training for truck operations, trailer operations and crane and winch operations

US Road Signs [40045] ?

Graphics of some of the most common traffic signs

Weather Safety & Vehicle Damage [13804] ?

Learn what you can do to prepare for a catastrophe & how to minize damage to your vehicle

Updated Winter Safety Tips [18342] ?

Mounain winter driving tips

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Fleet / Accidents
Accident investigation & reconstruction, preventability, trailer underride, etc.

Fleet / Driving Tips
Safety brochures and fact sheets useful for fleet safety talks

Fleet / Fatigue
The effects of fatigue on drivers

Fleet / Fleet Policies
Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Fleet / Hazmat
DOT hazardous materials regulations, guides & reference materials

Fleet / Manuals
Full text of reference manuals for fleet program operations

Fleet / Safety Programs
Articles, topics and tips related to fleet safety programs

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