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Full text of US DOT regulations on workplace drug testing programs for transportation. Overview and outline of DOT requirements for drug and alcohol testing. Full text of a commercial driver license alcohol and drug testing program. Research studies that address the problem of drunk driving. Full text of a university's substance abuse program for CDL requirements.

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382 - Controlled Substance and Alcohol Use and Testing [6148] ?

Full text of the federal DOT regulations for Part 382

49 CFR Part 40 DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures [1508] ?

Regulated by DOT's Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy [25004] ?

The following is a sample company alcohol and drug abuse policy

CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing - Motor Carriers [12168] ?

All CDL drivers are subject to drug and alcohol testing

DOT Drug & Alcohol - Decision Tree [37784] ?

How do I know if I am subject to the U.S. Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing regulations

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing - Safety Sensitive Functions [pdf] [25920] ?

Outlines the alcohol and drug testing rules required of commercial vehicle drivers by the US DOT

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements [36741] ?

A fact sheet on the subject

DOT Drug or Alcohol Violations [37782] ?

Driver cannot return to driving in any kind of commercial motor vehicle until the necessary steps have been completed

DOT Drug or Alcohol Violations - SAP [37783] ?

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is a person who evaluates employees who have violated a DOT drug/alcohol regulation

DOT Drug Testing Part 40 Questions and Answers [25099] ?

Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

DOT Drug-Free Workplace Regulations - by DOT Agency [1524] ?

DOT agency drug testing requirements

DOT Medical Review Officer Requirements [2201] ?

Guidance on MRO requirements for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs

DOT Random Drug Testing Rates [25344] ?

Minimum random drug and alcohol testing rates for each of its operating administrations

DOT Urine Specimen Collection Procedures [4331] ?

Full text of the actual DOT regulations relating to specimen collection

DOT: Drug and Alcohol Testing Publications [5735] ?

US Dept of Transportation drug-testing forms, training manuals, etc

Drinking & Driving - A Deadly Combination [22219] ?

What you can do to protect yourself and others

Drug and Alcohol Testing - US Dept of Transportation [11650] ?

DOT requirements for drug testing

Updated FTA Drug and Alcohol Legislation [21146] ?

Regulations, training, technical assistance, publications

Updated FTA: Drug and Alcohol Testing [21144] ?

US Dept of Transportation Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) drug testing requirements

Updated FTA: Requirement For Post-Accident Testing Clarified [21139] ?

Interpretation of 49 CFR Part 655 as it relates to post-accident testing

Updated FTA: Role of the DER Clarified [21140] ?

Describes the duties of the Designated Employer Representative (DER)

Myths and Facts About Alcohol and Driving [25008] ?

Consumer driving safety fact sheet

Review of Motor Carrier Drug Testing Programs [pdf] [34009] ?

How to better identify illegal drug users and keep them off the road.

State Drug Impaired Driving Laws [27610] ?

The following chart depicts the current status of state laws

US DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form [9187] ?

Employers subject to DOT - USCG drug & alcohol testing regulations must submit their annual drug & alcohol testing data

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