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Analysis of truck accidents involving fatalities. National statistics and statistics by state for vehicle accidents at railway crossings. Canadian motor vehicle traffic collision statistics. Insurance industry statistics on highway fatalities. FARS database access.

34 Resources
2006 Fatal Occupational Injuries from Transportation Incidents [pdf] [33245] ?

Occupation by transportation incidents and homicides

Updated A&I Online - US DOT [14803] ?

Access to descriptive statistics and analyses on commercial vehicle operator safety information

Advanced Technology for Improving Large-truck Safety on Two-Lane Secondary Roads [14828] ?

Large-truck crash rates are significantly higher on two-lane secondary roads

Australian Transport Safety Bureau - Road Fatality Statistics [14419] ?

Statistical information published by the ATSB Road Safety

Auto Insurance Costs [5053] ?

Auto insurance costs statistics from the insurance industry

Bike/Pedestrian Statistics [22168] ?

Access to various databases containing pedestrian and bike accident information

Crash Analysis & Reporting Environment (CARE) [1416] ?

Designed for problem identification and countermeasure development purposes

Crash Calculator [25000] ?

Compare your's company's vehicle crash rates with national rates

Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) [12322] ?

Motor vehicle accident statistics

Updated Current Analysis Results on Motor Carrier Safety [14800] ?

Analysis and research on motor carrier and bus safety

Updated DOT Crash Statistics [2203] ?

Descriptive statistics about fatal and non-fatal (injury & property damage) of large truck crash

Drunk Driving Fact Sheets [1634] ?

Fact sheets provide various statistical information

FARS Fatality Analysis Reporting System [12402] ?

Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) contains data on all fatal vehicle crashes

FARS - Fatality Analysis Reporting System [9170] ?

Contains data on all vehicle crashes in the USA that occur on a public roadway & involve a fatality

Highway Statistics [5737] ?

Highway statistics in the USA - drivers licenses, motor vehicles, etc.

Highway Statistics Series [14824] ?

Statistics on MV registrations, driver licensing, motor fuel useage & tax, road performance, finance

Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Statistics [20614] ?

US National Highway-Rail Crossing Collisions and Casualties

HSIS: Highway Safety Information System [12406] ?

Crash, roadway inventory & other data for CA, IL, ME, MI, MN, NC, OH, UT, WA

IL-Illinois Traffic Safety Evaluation Reports [5707] ?

Studies completed by the State of Illinois

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Data [7051] ?

Fact sheets on motor vehicle fatalities and more

Updated International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD) Statistics [31075] ?

Statistics on exposure data, death rates, injury accidents and road fatalities for 30 countries for selected years.

MN-Minnesota Crash Data & Reports [25013] ?

Documents concerning Minnesota's motor vehicle crashes

MO-Missouri Motor Vehicle Crash Variables and Outcomes for Drivers [17099] ?

Motor vehicle accident statistics for the state of Missouri

Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria Guideline [30475] ?

Improving crash data for safer roadways

NASS: National Automotive Sampling System [18859] ?

Database of in-depth analysis of passenger vehicle crash protection performance

Updated National Crash Facts [14797] ?

Large trucks & buses involved in fatal and non-fatal crashes - national & state statistics

NHTSA National Center for Statistics & Analysis [21152] ?

Analyze the nature, causes and injury outcomes of crashes and strategies for reduction

Pedestrian Traffic Safety Facts [14829] ?

Safety reports

State-Specific Costs of Crash Deaths [26147] ?

Fact sheets and statistics by state

Teen Drivers and Safety [6230] ?

Resources related to safe teen driving

Vehicle Inventory & Use Survey - Discontinued in 2003 [12105] ?

Historical information on trucks, buses, autos owned by businesses and individuals

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