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Case studies of successful fleet safety programs. Ideas to try, sample employee newsletters and ad slicks to promote fleet safety. DOT Commercial Vehicle Preventable Accident Manual. Small business sample of a fleet safety program. Full text of a university's fleet safety program.

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FREE ICM Resource by: Libraries and Directories, Inc. Fleet Safety Audit Checklist [35365] ?

Fleet Operations Safety Program checklist that can provide the framework for your company

FREE ICM Resource by Libraries and Directories, Inc. Home

AR-Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program [pdf] [21212] ?

Full text of the program in use by the State of Arkansas and their agencies

Automobile Safety Program Guidelines [35440] ?

Ten components of an effective program

Updated Bus and Passenger Accident Prevention [25069] ?

How to prevent accidents through the development and implementation of an accident prevention program

Company Vehicle/Driver Safety Program Checklist [pdf] [11135] ?

Use this checklist to help develop your company fleet safety program

Updated Drive Safely Work Week Materials [40731] ?

For employers to promote driving safety

Driver Safety Rules [pdf] [27999] ?

Includes yard safety, dock safety, vehicle safety and more

Driver Selection & Driver Safety [4469] ?

Guidelines for fleet safety programs

Establishing a Program for Fleet Safety [35438] ?

Steps to establishing an effective fleet safety program

Fleet Management Safety Program [pdf] [5885] ?

Steps to creating a fleet safety program

Fleet Safety Notes [5612] ?

Tips and references related to fleet safety programs

Fleet Safety Program Materials [35435] ?

Safety materials for a fleet safety program

FMCSA Motor Carrier and Highway Safety Forms [5733] ?

Various forms to help motor carriers achieve compliance

Guide to Federal Fleet Management [11583] ?

A manual to ensure safe and efficient fleet operations

Model Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [35437] ?

A basic template for a fleet safety program (for CDL fleets)

Model Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [40706] ?

Designed to assist in developing a fleet safety program

MVR Policy and Employee Authorization [pdf] [29008] ?

Guidance on creating a company policy related to MVR reviews of company drivers

Updated Road Safety Guide [40732] ?

For employers of large or small fleets of all vehicle types

Sample Automobile Safety Program [pdf] [35439] ?

Basic elements that can be used develop a policy that suits your specific needs

Sample Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [35434] ?

A sample fleet management policy

Sample Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [35442] ?

A baseline sample safety program

Sample Loss Control Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [35444] ?

Covers claims reporting as well as a fleet safety program

SC-South Carolina Fleet Management Program [23707] ?

Full text of a fleet safety program in use by the state's agencies

Trucking Insurance Loss Control Audits [pdf] [30039] ?

Outline of a Loss Control Audit Evaluation Report for the Trucking Industry

Vehicle Incident Prevention Program [7910] ?

Guidelines for a fleet accident prevention plan

Vehicle Safety Program Checklist [37774] ?

A checklist to use to help evaluate your fleet safety program

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