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Reports on traffic safety topics such as pavement markings, cellular phone use, drowsiness, etc. Vehicle safety research studies.

27 Resources
Australian Road Safety Research [14422] ?

ATSB Road Safety reports on topics such as drunk driving, women drivers, motorcycle crashes, etc

Data Library: Freight Transport [17318] ?

Factors affecting freight

Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology [12408] ?

Provides advanced research and development related to new highway technologies

Federal Highway Administration Research Topics [12396] ?

Highway safety reports from the FHWA

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Safety Research [12173] ?

Information on motor carrier safety research conducted by the US Dept of Transportation

FHWA International [14418] ?

International research by the US Federal Highway Administration

FHWA Research, Development and Technology [12575] ?

Highway Research Center reports

FHWA Tranportation Policy Studies [14818] ?

Reports and studies related to highway safety and highway use

Human Factors Research [12390] ?

Study topics including older drivers, traffic management centers, user characteristics, visibility

Motor Carrier Safety, Economics, and Management [24457] ?

A series of reports on research conducted at the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

Motor Vehicle Safety [12967] ?

Injury prevention and control, costs of crash deaths, etc

National Transportation Alternatives Clearinghouse [3221] ?

Promotes a transportation system of diverse modes to ensure communities are more sustainable

National Transportation Library [22174] ?

Charged with improving the availability of transportation-related information needed by Federal, state, and local decisi

NHTSA Research & Development [14124] ?

Extensive research, development, testing, crash investigation, and data collection and analysis

NHTSA Safety Research [11576] ?

Vehicle safety studies conducted by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Updated NHTSA Vehicle Research and Testing [6571] ?

Research performed covers the areas of Crash Avoidance, Crash Worthiness, and Biomechanics

NTSB Highway Safety Studies [2104] ?

National Transportation Safety Board Research on highway safety

Pavement: Petrographic Methods of Examining Hardened Concrete [12572] ?

Manual provides a set of instructions for the petrographic examination of HCC used in highways

Speed and Speed Management [12584] ?

Safety Research Related to Speed and Speed Management

Surface Transportation Policy Project [14411] ?

Studies related to highway traffic

Traffic Safety Research Reports [1181] ?

Reports on traffic safety topics such as pavement markings, cellular phone use, drowsiness, etc.

Transportation Studies [8941] ?

Transportation-related National Academy of Sciences research studies

Updated TX-Texas Transportation Institute [12287] ?

Mission is to solve transportation problems through research

UMTRI: Transportation Research Institute [1646] ?

University of Michigan research designed to increase safety of surface motor vehicle travel

United Nations Road Safety [40739] ?

Country guidelines for road safety management

Virginia Transportation Research Council [1919] ?

Conduct transportation-related research

Wisconsin DOT Transportation Research Reports [35022] ?

Reports that capture recent research and best practices on requested transportation topics.

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