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Federal Railroad Administration regulations, safety bulletins, etc. Principles of light rail system safety. Highway-Rail Grade Crossing safety materials.

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DOT Requirements for Highway-Rail Crossings and Commercial Vehicles [40511] ?

FMCSA requirements for commercial vehicle drivers

Federal Rule Bans Stopping on Rail Tracks [40510] ?

For commercial vehicles - text of the rule

FRA Drug and Alcohol Program [18747] ?

Drug and alcohol testing required by the FRA for Railroad industry employees

FRA Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety [20615] ?

Promotes and regulates safety throughout the Nation's railroad industry

FRA Regulations, Orders and Notices [18749] ?

For the Federal Railroad Administration

Updated Highway-Rail Crossing Safety Signs [18753] ?

Quick tips and examples of signs and signals used at or near railroad crossings

Updated Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Tips [20619] ?

Key safety tips for pedestrians and motorists

Highway-Rail Grade Crossings [18744] ?

Advice for motorists and pedestrians

Light Rail System Safety [18755] ?

Safety regime, principles and standards for the LRT industry in the UK today

Motive Power & Equipment Standards [18751] ?

Relating to rail cars, equipment, etc.

NCDOT Train Crossing Safety [18760] ?

Anywhere there is a grade crossing, the potential for a train/vehicle collision exists

Updated Operation Lifesaver [18752] ?

Highway-rail safety and trespass prevention program

Updated Rail Crossing Safety Driver Training [18763] ?

Learn how to be safe at highway-rail grade crossings and around tracks

Rail Grade Crossing Safe Clearance Requirements [40512] ?

Federal rule for commercial vehicles at rail crossings

Rail Operations Manual [26118] ?

A ten chapter US Army Field Manual

Rail Safety Data [18746] ?

Download Federal Railroad Administration safety statistics, train accident data, etc

Railroad Crossing Safety - Basic Safety Tips [25003] ?

Safety fact sheet related to rail crossing safety

Railroad Glossaries [28922] ?

Terms and definitions used in the railroad industry

Railroad Safety Issues [18743] ?

Safety issues as determined by the US Federal Railroad Administration

Safety Rail/Highway Tips & Rules [28921] ?

Types of Railroad Crossing Warnings, Public Highway-Rail Crossing Facts, etc.

US Code Title 45 Railroads [23280] ?

Full text of USC 45 - United States federal code regarding railroads

US Federal Safety Railroad Legislation [18748] ?

Text of the chapters of the US Codes related to railroad safety

US Legislation about Railroads [18750] ?

US federal legislation related to railroads

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