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Resources and articles on pedestrian and bicycle safety.

17 Resources
10 Most Dangerous States for Pedestrians [13640] ?

Based on 2012 data

America Walks [4160] ?

Dedicated to promoting walkable communities

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals [8617] ?

For professionals in the emerging discipline of pedestrian and bicycle transportation

Audible Pedestrian Signals [21701] ?

Resolution from the American Council of the Blind

Bicycle and Pedestrian Program [2679] ?

Promoting bicycle and pedestrian transportation accessibility, use, and safety

Crash-type Manual for Bicyclists [12571] ?

Manual designed to help reduce bicycle-and pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes

Designing Sidewalks & Trails for Access [1255] ?

Review of guidelines on the accessibility of sidewalks and trails

Pedestrian & Bicycle Research Safety Page [5614] ?

Federal Highway Administration resources and articles on pedestrian and bicycle safety

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center [12786] ?

Reference materials for policy & planning, design & engineering, research & development ,etc.

Pedestrian Crash Statistics [1838] ?

In the USA

Updated Pedestrian Injury to Children [12681] ?

Information on child-related pedestrian injuries and deaths

Pedestrian Safety Campaign [5734] ?

Resources that have been developed to help address pedestrian safety concerns

Pedestrian Safety Info [25006] ?

Fact sheet for pedestrian safety

Pedestrians - Safety Facts [647] ?

Fact sheets on pedestrian injuries

Updated Rail Safety and Pedestrians [3076] ?

Advice for pedestrians regarding rail safety

Safety Tips for Pedestrians [17738] ?

For walkers and for drivers

Walking Safely [10583] ?

Strategies to Promote Pedestrian Safety

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