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Safety materials, fatality charts, graphs related to highway accidents and deaths involving motorcycles. Motorcycle safety handbook,

20 Resources
Accident Scene Management [15948] ?

Advice on what to do at an accident scene involving a motorcycle

Head Injuries Associated with Motorcycle Use [14486] ?

Results of 1989-1991 study in Wisconsin

MN-Minnesota Motorcycle Motorized Bicycle Manual [pdf] [9361] ?

This manual is about operating motorcycles and motorized bicycles on the streets and highways

Moped Safety [40039] ?

Differences between a moped and a motorcycle

Updated Motorcycle Handbook [6617] ?

California's handbook for motorcycle drivers

Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws [pdf] [17777] ?

Information on mandatory helmet use laws for all motorcycle operators and passengers

Motorcycle Helmet/Crash Safety Study [15968] ?

Comparison of head/facial injuries and traumatic brain injuries of helmeted vs no helmet

Motorcycle Helmets [27426] ?

In some states, motorcyclists are required to wear helmets

Motorcycle Helmets & Noise Levels [27592] ?

Daily noise exposures of working motorcyclists may regularly exceed 90 dB(A)

Updated Motorcycle Injury Prevention [7895] ?

Safety and managing risk related to motorcycles

Motorcycle Laws and Fatality Facts [620] ?

Insurance Institute of Highway Safety fact sheets on motorcyles

Motorcycle Safety Handbook and Checklist [pdf] [7892] ?

Motorcycle safety rules and an inspection checklist

Motorcycle Safety Materials [15952] ?

Safety tips for motorcycle operators and for non-motorcyclists

Motorcycle Tips and Techniques [27613] ?

A series of motorcycle safety articles on topics such as conspicuity, a safety checklist and more

Motorcycle Tire Tips [27591] ?

Safety tips, the importance of motorcycle tire inflation maintenance, minimum tread depth and more

National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators [15878] ?

Advocate safe, enjoyable, responsible motorcycling

Scooter Basic Safety Ridercourse Student Handbook [pdf] [11751] ?

Safety materials from motorcycle manufacturerers

Snell Motorcycle Safety Standards [27590] ?

These standards address performance, not specific materials or design

State Helmet Laws [27611] ?

The following chart depicts the current status of state laws

State Motorcycle Laws [27614] ?

Tables of state laws

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