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Full text of DOT requirements for physical qualifications of commercial drivers in the USA. Guidance for drivers on the importance of health maintenance for safe driving.

7 Resources
DOT Examinations: Practical Aspects and Regulatory Review [11526] ?

Summary of Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations

Driving After Brain Injury [11620] ?

Warning signs to look for

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Medical Program [188] ?

US DOT medical examination requirements for truckers

FMCSA Medical Examiner Handbook [pdf] [12123] ?

Guidance to the medical examiner who performs the commercial driver medical examination

Medical Certification Requirements for Commercial Drivers License Holders [40560] ?

CDL holders must provide information to state driver's license agency on the type of commercial motor vehicles driven

Medical Certification Requirements: A Guide for CDL Holders [40559] ?

Medical certification is part of the CDL driving record

Post-traumatic Stress Reactions Following Motor Vehicle Accidents [11529] ?

Diagnostic Criteria & Medications for Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

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