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DOT recommended guidelines for preventive maintenance procedures. Controlling vehicle emissions. Tire retread information. Guidelines and ready-to-use checklist for vehicle inspection and maintenance. Full text of DOT's manual for an effective anti-icing program for highway maintenance personnel.

20 Resources
10 Things You Should Know about Jump-Starting a Car Battery [6154] ?

How to safely jump-start a car's battery

Updated Annual Vehicle Maintenance Safety Checklist [pdf] [23596] ?

Checklist for vehicle maintenance

Anti-Icing Program for Highway Winter Maintenance [627] ?

Full text of DOT's manual for an effective anti-icing program for highway maintenance personnel

Updated Brakes: What You Need to Know [24858] ?

Article for consumers on the importance of brake maintenance

Car Care Encyclopedia [27433] ?

A car care reference manual

Updated Car Maintenance 101 [24860] ?

Articles for consumers

Car Maintenance Service Guide [615] ?

Guide to automotive repair and maintenance

Common Tire Wear Patterns [12523] ?

What they mean

How To Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires [26639] ?

Prevent underinflated tire accidents, save money and gas

Light Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Checklists [21059] ?

Series of service checklists based on mileage

Tips for Passing State Emissions Tests [25115] ?

Offers the following tips to motorists to help prepare their vehicles for their emissions test

Updated Tire Pressure: What You Need to Know [24859] ?

Articles for consumers on car tire pressure requirements

Tire Retread Information Bureau [5680] ?

Industry association representing tire retreaders and tire repairers

Updated Tire Safety [32177] ?

Tire safety checklist and more

Tire Safety [20724] ?

A discussion of about worn-out tires

Tires and Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy: Informing Consumers, Improving Performance [pdf] [31607] ?

Report on tires contribution to fuel consumption and tips on improving performance.

Truck Preventive Maintenance Schedule [21060] ?

Series of service checklists based on hours of use

Underinflated Tires in the United States [pdf] [30342] ?

Explores the impact of tire underinflation on safety and fuel economy and technology to reduce underinflation.

Updated Vehicle History Reports [10417] ?

Vehicle Recall Check, Lemon Check, Flood Check

Vehicle Maintenance Tips [24240] ?

Basic checks and maintenance you should do or have done on a regular basis

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Fleet / Crash Tests
Vehicle crash data for the USA, Australia, Europe & Japan

Fleet / Vehicle Safety
Motor vehicle and equipment safety, seat belts, recalls

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